Why Didn’t We Know?

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Were We Asleep at the Wheel?

Well, the question is:  Were we paying attention to our city business?  And, if not, why not?

A tough question to answer.  But, looking back, it appears that the flow of information got smaller and smaller, until it’s reached a trickle.  

So the fact that we didn’t know that our Madeira Beach comp plan was changed in 2014 to permit the type of massive overdevelopment proposed should not be surprising!

Did residents check off the Yes box on this question?

Did residents check off the Yes box on this question?

We say this because, in fact, some things have changed. Here’s what.

At Commission Meetings Five Years Ago: At Commission Meetings Today:
Commission Meetings Agendas were posted at five locations:

  • City Hall
  • Winn-Dixie
  • Publix
  • Gulf Beaches Library
  • Chamber Building at Johns Pass Village
Agendas for Commission Meetings are posted

  • City Hall

It is posted online, but this is unofficial.  We say this because the posting for the Planning Commission meeting on April 28 was not posted correctly onine, but the City Clerk said it was not a problem because the paper posting was up at City Hall!

Commission Meetings Agendas were posted:

  • The Friday before the meeting
  • The online posting included all the backup that the Commission and staff received
Today, Agendas are posted:

  • 24 hours before the meeting starts (the shortest amount of time permitted)

  • Asked questions (some from residents) and discussed ordinances and items on the agenda
Today, Commissioners

  • Just Vote. It’s as if they all agree on everything – or all got advance information, so no discussion is needed.
Commission meetings were broadcast on:

  • TV – via a local station that was free to the city
  • Online
Today, Commission meetings are broadcast:

  • Online

So we’ve spent a fortune for city hall and all new equipment, only to find ourselves less serviced by our government!

So today, WE must go to city hall 24 hours in advance of the meeting to get an Agenda for the Board of Commission meeting or ask the Clerk to send us one.

Does it seem like they want us to know what is going on?

Keeping us in the dark, as the saying goes...

Keeping us in the dark, as the saying goes…