A Resident’s Thoughts on CM’s Expulsion from ICMA

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View Points Article: A Madeira Beach resident sent this to us and asked us to share the thoughts… 

City Manager Shows Contempt for Filing of Ethics Complaints by Residents

Our Madeira Beach City Manager was emboldened by the letter he received from ICMA dated 8/15/2016, saying that the complaints filed against him lacked support and that no further action would be taken for those filings.

  • Good judgment would dictate that the CM should have breathed a deep “Whew”, brushed beads of sweat off his brow, and taken remedial action to correct his inappropriate conduct in the workplace.
  • Instead he chose to fire off a Press Release. Gloatingly, he blasts the citizens for libel and slander, and says the citizens have gotten poor legal advice from out of town lawyers.
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CM Crawford blasts residents for libel and slander.

City Manager Premature in Declaring Victory

Unfortunately the City Manager did not wait for the other shoe to drop when firing off his press release. And, now it has.

He is permanently removed from the rolls of the worldwide organization ICMA because of inappropriate conduct as a professional.  


  • Residents are embarrassed by City Manager’s behavior and the scandal it has provoked.  And, since most do not know all the fact, they know they cannot be frivolous.
  • Through it all, Mayor Palladeno seems to think integrity and propriety are “old School” values and it’s OK to behave however you choose.  Palladeno is jockeying to keep this City Manager in his current position, and says that the ICMA membership means nothing.

Comments From the Mayor and…

Both the Mayor and and Commissioner Lister were contacted for comments on the expulsion by Journalist, Wayne Ayers.  Comments may be found in a weekend article in the Beach Beacon, a local newspaper:  Click on this link => http://www.tbnweekly.com/content_articles/100216_bhb-01.txt

We wonder:

  • If Madeira Beach City Leaders are willing to condone compromising relationships in the office, what other compromises have eluded their collective conscience?
  • And are the standards we are setting for the future government of our town?
What's Next Sticky

Residents want to get back to representative government that listens to the people.

What Next?

So now our task is to vet and put forth good, honest candidates that can fill the seats vacated when this current Mayor and Board move out.

We have a huge job ahead of us to choose and endorse neighbors for our board who understand the character of our city and craft ordinances that clearly state what we envision. Protecting our coastal environment and creating a sensible and sustainable economy is foremost.

Let’s put thought into reforming a government that represents us, Madeira Beach citizens.