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Another Madeira Beach Sheriff’s Deputy in Trouble?

This from WTVT, 10News, another Sheriff’s deputy working in Madeira Beach has gotten into a bit of a spot:

Deputy Jeremy Kurella, 237, a deputy since 2005, was part of the investigation of a fatal pedestrian crash on Madeira Avenue in November 2014. A blood draw was requested from the driver and Kurella got the results, but did not notice that it exceeded the .08 limit at which a driver is considered impaired in Florida.

You can read the entire article ...

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Mugshot of Deputy Virden

Sheriff’s Deputy for Madeira Beach Arrested

Did you know that one of our own deputies was arrested for shooting an unarmed, handcuffed young man? This from Fox13’s website:

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigators presented the state attorney’s office with the results of their month-long investigation into one of their own. Friday morning, State Attorney Bernie McCabe filed attempted manslaughter charges against the deputy.

News of this has even reached our friends in the UK.

You can read the full affidavit here.

I ...

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Image of a Still from Fox13 video 2016-04-06

Fox13 Talks to Shane Crawford and Attorney Ken Weiss

Fox13’s Steve Nichols filed a story today covering the complaint filed against the City today and the controversy surrounding the City Manger’s relationship with his assistant, Cheryl Rodde. Here is the follow-up story on Fox13 that aired after the Special Commission meeting.

Even though the City Manager announced that the LiveStreaming wasn’t working, it seems they did manage to get it working. You can watch the meeting online. It was posted on the City website last ...

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It’s What You Do, Mr. City Manager, Not What You Say!

It’s What You Do, Mister City Manager… Not What You Say!

And, what have you been doing?

  • Worked with the developer (who we have heard) employs an important (to the city) person…to add 720 hotel rooms and 158 condos on the short stretch of 150th Ave.between the Tom Stuart Causeway Bridge and Gulf Boulevard!!!
  • Set up a referendum with wording that has resulted in pending legal ...
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Damaged Basedball Field

Ball Field Repair Redone… Again

Neighbors of the Madeira Beach city complex report…

After the recent carnivals, fishing tournaments, and festivals,
officials found that the ball fields just do not survive the events!

Time to call the Eventbusters*… who rid the city of the after-effects of a carnival or fishing tourney by spending 3 days of work, replanting grass and getting the ball field ready to go in only about 3 weeks.

Cost estimate?  We were told it cost the city $40,000 to redo the fields… Since the city doesn’t talk about these expenses, maybe ...

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