Viewpoints: To City Manager Crawford

Buy Now, Pay Later?


Letter in Rebuttal to Mr. Crawford regarding Mr. M. Merrill


Keyboard Courage

….no wonder…  

Who wants to face the City Manager who bullies and threatens residents who have opposing opinions or an opinion not complimentary to the city plans.  

Who wants to be the victim of that backdraft? 

Thumb pressing down little stick person.

Even when it is fair ...

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Tom Stuart Causeway at Sunset

Viewpoints: Citizens V. Madeira Beach

It is sobering to see our neighbors, our Mayor and City Manager pitted in a war of words over the proposed developments near our city’s entrance. You get the impression that the Mayor, City Manager and Developers are desperately trying to demonstrate the economic benefits of hotel tourism. There is a definite tone of urgency to getting this done.  We need the revenue.

The Price of Proposed Developments

Building a “tourist magnet at the gate of ...
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