Channel 10 Gives Free PR to Karns

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From a MBU Member…

Today I was headed toward Publix via the Tom Stuart Causeway when I noticed our City Manager, Shane Crawford standing in front of a TV type camera with about three or four red shirted helpers.

  • I noticed a gentleman dressed in a white shirt and tie and thought he might be a news reporter from what was obviously a News Channel 10 van.
  • So I turned around, and drove my car to the place where the news event was being filmed.  I pulled into the Amish Ice Cream Store and got out of my vehicle.
  • I crossed thru the filming area and walked toward the Bronze Lady, hoping  I would have a chance to see what was happening.
  • Soon the small group disbanded and as I walked back to my car, I spoke to the gentleman who seemed to be in charge of the filming.
  • I asked if he needed an opposing opinion and he said ” I am the opposing opinion.”

Turns out this guy is the Media Manager hired by Bill Karns.  He is Barry Edwards. 

  • He was directing our beleaguered city manager, Shane’s talk to the news carriers for broadcast on the evening news.
City Manager says they've ask FDOT for a light, but the traffic doesn't warrant it.

City Manager says he’s ask FDOT for a light, but the traffic doesn’t warrant it.

Barry Edwards, Bill Karns Media Guy

Barry Edwards, Bill Karns Media Guy









And, sure enough, our embattled City Manager was on Channel 10 News tonight.  Who knew that you could get a T-V station to do FREE PR for you?

The story was called:

City manager reassures Madeira Beach residents about redevelopment       Now isn’t that a laugh?

And, Barry Edwards said they are going to make Madeira Beach like St. Armand’s Circle or Seventh Avenue in Naples!

But we don’t think Mr. Edwards remembers St. Armand Circle looks…
or 5th or 7th Avenue in Naples either!

Because if this is what was planned, residents would NOT object, Mr. Edwards!

Shops on 5th Ave, Naples FL

5th & 7th Ave Naples is Low Rise… just what residents of Madeira Beach would love!

Image of St. Armand Circle

St. Armand Circle is all Low Rise buildings… like on the 2009 SAP Plan. Nice!