City Manager Expelled From ICMA

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The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is THE professional association for local governments, worldwide.

  • It sets standards with a code of Ethics which all member-Managers must swear to uphold.  
  • If they do not uphold the standards of Ethics, they can be censured and expelled.  

And, this is exactly what has happened to Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford. He was censured and expelled.

Why Was Crawford Censured and Expelled from Membership?

The ICMA Executive Committee found that two different tenets were violated.  They both were related to his relationship with Cheryl McGrady, but two different tenets were violated. This professional organization judged that his relationship creates/created liability for the city (read $$$$$) and that he used his position for personal gain.  His behavior (the relationship) conflicts with two tenets in their code of ethics. (You may recall that the Mayor and Commissioners blessed this relationship. !!!)

Thumbs Down Rating

Crawford’s Behavior Got A Thumbs Down Rating

Read the complete findings, sent to the Mayor and copied to City Commissioners.  Click here to read=> icma-executive-board-decision-shane-crawford-sept-29-2016


#1 You will note that these findings contradict the press release that the CM Crawford distributed widely on August 23 – when he said the complaints filed with the ICMA  were politically motivated and had been rejected by the ICMA.  His press release is here =>   press-release-from-shane-crawford-dismissing-icma-ethics-complaints-8232016

#2 These findings also contradict the comments of the Madeira Beach Mayor and City Commissioners, who thought the relationship was ‘no problem’.  !!!  Can you believe Madeira Beach City Commissioners are so out of touch as not to at least recognize the liability created for the city by the relationship.  


This expulsion from a completely objective professional organization is quite serious.  It is particularly so because  joining the ICMA for Mr. Crawford was required for employment.

And residents of Madeira Beach should contact the Mayor and Commissioners and tell them to remove the City Manager immediately.  Time for the Commission to take their heads out of where ever it is stuck, right now.  Since we live at the beach, we can hope it is in the sand instead of where many of us think it actually is!

Umpire directing action.

  The BOC should do more that sideline Mr. Crawford. Time to expel him permanently.