CM’s Censure & Expulsion Harden Line Taken By MB Commission

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The City Manager’s News Is Out

The “Tampa Bay Times” and “Beach Beacon” have each now published an article about Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford’s censure and expulsion from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  


Nearly as interesting and important to residents – now that the ‘shock and awe’ have died down – is that our Mayor and City Commissioners are so far off base in their thinking about the City Manager that even a shot of reality will not budge them from their embattled positions!  

Sign with Words Caution and Epic Failure

     How does this happen?

  • The Mayor and Commissioners continue to defend Mr. Crawford’s behavior, and have poo-poo-ed the foremost professional organization for city managers (the ICMA) — whose mission of promoting ethical local governments is backed by nearly 100 years of experience and proven expertise.  
  • The Commissioners ascribe no importance to the pronouncement by a group of professional City Managers and peers, who pronounced that the MB City Manager had violated important tenets of ethical behavior — to the degree that he should be censured and expelled permanently from their membership.  

Read What the Mayor and Commissioners Say 

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