Urgent! Contribute to Stop Developments!

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YOU can make a difference! 

Donate Now

  • As of today we still need $$ donations to go ahead with planned legal action.
  • Without the litigation these projects will be on the fast track – and we will NEVER get our city back.

It appears that Big Money Developers have identified Madeira Beach  as the place to build and profit from  unfettered development in a way that they cannot any where else  in Pinellas County — now that Clearwater Beach is overbuilt.

Send Checks payable to:
Weber, Crabb & Wein Escrow Account
Note for: Madeira Beach United Citizens
Mail to: Weber, Crabb & Wein
5999 Central Avenue, Suite 203
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Credit Card charges can only be made to theWeber, Crabb & Wein Trust Fund via phone. Call  727.828.9919.  Tell them is is for the MadeiraBeachUnited.com – Litigation Support Fund.

“Developers & city officials think they have a winning hand — and have been ruthless in moving their agenda forward,” a local resident says.

Act NOW to help stop this!

Anna Maria Island has kept its 3 floor limit on buildings, to preserve the character of the community - with results that benefit property values of residents.

Think your property will be worth more if the development goes through?  Nope!  Look at Anna Maria Island, which has kept its 3 story limit on buildings, to preserve the character of the community.   The result there is that property values increased even during the last downturn!  Less is More!

Even our Head of Tourism Recognizes Less is More!

Contact area newspapers, City and Planning Board Commissioners, and the City Manager.
Email officials and let them know what you think!  Tell them if you agree with David Downing, tourism chief of the Pinellas County Visitor Convention Bureau, when he said:

“If the goal is simply get more people, that is a dangerous cycle. What we are trying to do is work on ‘yield’ — to get a greater economic impact — from fewer visitors and have less stress on out infrastructure.”  (Click to see quote.)

Overdevelopment >> Clearwater Beach… Results in Traffic Nightmares

What’s not to like? (click to see full article)

The most obvious answer, one well documented in the media, is the horrendous traffic and parking woes for folks trying to get into and out of Clearwater Beach. The traffic back-ups, a bane to beach residents, are so frequent and so bad that the city of Clearwater has introduced shuttle services (park in Clearwater, shuttle to the beach), a water ferry service and is even exploring a gondola system — all driven by the need to subtract vehicles from the gridlock that can dominate Clearwater Beach’s main roads.

Don’t Let Them Do This to Us!  

Reach Out – Contact these people:

Shane Crawford, City Manger, scrawford@madeirabeachfl.gov

Travis Palladeno, Mayor, tpalladeno@madeirabeachfl.gov

Elaine Poe, Vice Mayor, epoe@madeirabeachfl.gov

Nancy Hodges, Commissioner, nhodges@madeirabeachfl.gov

Pat Shontz, Commissioner, pshontz@madeirabeachfl.gov

Terry Lister, Commission, tlister@madeirabeachfl.gov

Jim Everett, Chair/Planning Commission, Jim.Everett@yahoo.com

Jeff Brown, 1st Vice Chair/Planning Commission, jeffthejewelerflorida@gmail.com

Michael Nobel, 2nd Vice Chair/Planning Commission, mike@doradosi.com

Dennis Carr, Planning Commissioner, Carrden23@gmail.com

David Lawrence, Planning Commissioner, dlaw@giopsnow.com

Ann Rassmussen, Planning Commissioner, Annras1@gmail.com