#1 – Ethics Complaints: Crawford, Shontz, DeSantis

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The Tampa Bay Times reported that Madeira Beach City employees and an elected Commissioner were notified of ethics complaints investigations by the Florida Ethics Commission.

It is alleged that three Madeira Beach City officials are the subjects of ethics complaints:

  • City Manager Shane Crawford
  • Vice-Mayor Pat Shontz, and
  • Building Official Frank DeSantis.

Times Reports Ethics Complaint Notifications Against City Manager

According to Sheila Estrada, Tampa Bay Times, City Manager Shane Crawford confirmed that ethics complaints have been filed and are being investigated in the article: “Ethics complaint filed against Madeira Beach city manager”.  

While not specifically mentioned by Ms. Estrada, we learned that ethics allegations against Vice-Mayor Shontz are related to her using her position as Vice Mayor to get certain privileges and concessions for her investment.

And apparently, it is alleged against City Manager Shane Crawford, is a co-conspirator in this use of office for personal benefit.   Further, it is alleged against the Building Official, Frank DeSantis – that he either was co-conspirator or incompetent.

These allegations against city officials are related to Vice Mayor Shontz’s purchase and redevelopment of a residential property.

The vice-mayor’s internet advertising for the sale of the residence said “All New Construction”, which seems to pretty much sum up what was done.  But, this home would not be eligible for reduced flood insurance rates as NEW construction is, because the first floor is living space. Based on the online advertising, it is clear that the first floor got an entirely new kitchen with granite countertops, 3 new tiled baths, another fireplace, an elevator, a two car garage replacing the one car garage and all new electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, etc.

City Manager Crawford told a resident who asked questions about the house in question that all was according to the book! Huh?

City Manager Crawford told a resident who asked questions about the house in question that all was according to the book! Huh?

Vice-Mayor Shontz Could Not Be Reached

It comes as no surprise that VM Shontz was unavailable for comment.  Shortly after she was elected to office (with NO opposition) a few years ago, she suggested that the Board of Commissioners stop broadcasting meetings to the public.  It is alleged that the Vice-Mayor said she didn’t want people to hear what she said in meetings.

Does Mr. DeSantis Have Any Comments?

Guess no one asked Frank DeSantis for comments?  Hmmm.