#2 Ethics Violation for Crawford

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It is alleged that there is a second ethics violation against Shane Crawford, City Manager of Madeira Beach, filed with the Florida Ethics Commission.

A Pattern of Improper Relationships Alleged Against CM

The allegations in this case against Mr. Crawford, and possibly his executive assistant, Cheryl McCrady, are a pattern of improper relationships.

We have heard that it is alleged that these improper relationships involve the Landlord/Tenant relationship and the Developer/City Manager/Executive Assistant relationships.

We understand that it is alleged against City Manager Crawford that he resided in luxury condominium owned by a developer while negotiating with a developer – who asked for concessions, variances and use of city park parking for his business… all of which were approved by the City Manager.

Additional allegations against Mr. Crawford appear to involve use of a luxury condominium owned by developer Karns and paying substantially below market rent for the condominium.

Justifying 'bad' behavior

Should a City Manager live in a Developer-owned condo at below market rent if his pay is too low for his luxury condo?