4th Action Against Madeira Beach Commissioners

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Thursday, July 14th, New Lawsuit Filed against City

Residents are not giving up on stopping the massive developments that the current City Commission and City Manager support.


The lawsuit filed yesterday assures City Official and the City Manager that residents are NOT DONE YET, and we understand that another lawsuit is coming TODAY, July 15th!

The lawsuit filed yesterday CHALLENGES the rezoning of the Holiday Isles (Holton) and Town Center (Karns) projects, based on

  • Comprehensive plan (2014) not valid when rezoned, therefore rezoning invalid.
  • City failed to include language in the public notice that is required by city code. Specifically, the City failed to notify residents/voters properly about right to be a party to the hearing on the rezoning.

To read the ‘complaint’ (lawsuit) in full, click here=> Complaint

City's Plans...

            The City’s Plans…


This is the fourth action taken against the city of Madeira Beach by residents.  

This plus earlier legal actions on behalf of residents of the city – along with various ethics violations filed with the State of Florida and other groups with jurisdiction over city against individuals in the city government, including the:

  • City Manager, Shane Crawford
  • CM Crawford’s direct report, administrative assistant and live in partner, Cheryl McGrady
  • former Vice-Mayor Shontz and
  • building official Frank De Santis

are no doubt keeping city officials busy.  Read more about this action: Residents Ask Court


A Quick Review of Work to Date


1st Action Taken: Lawsuit, March 8, 2016

  • The first legal action taken was a complaint against an illegal city Referendum  in March, 2016.  Ken Weiss, the attorney working with residents, regarded this complaint as an easy win, because as written, the referendum was in fact illegal.  As it turned, our the lawsuit (complaint, it is called) was withdrawn because over 69% of the Voters voted NO and additional cost was unnecessary.

2nd Action Taken: Lawsuit, April 6, 2016

  • The second was filed April 6, and is now pending.This lawsuit challenges the adoption of the 2014 comprehensive plan amendment, the special area plan, and the PD zoning ordinance.  It is based on the fact that the City failed to publish the advertised notice correctly.

3rd Action Taken:  Citizen’s Petition for a Referendum, May 17, 2016

  • A Committee of five registered voters (‘electors’) filed a petition (Ord. 2014-8) with the Madeira Beach City Clerk, to require for a referendum on the specific ordinance.
  • The city’s attorney, Mr. Tom Trask, has judged the petition, which had nearly 1,100 signatures of residents, to be insufficient.
  • It will be necessary for residents to file a court action regarding this petition, as the courts are the actual authority vested with decision making about sufficiency or insufficiency.

4th Action Taken:  Lawsuit, July 14th

This is the action taken yesterday, July 14th and summarized above.

5th Action?  Coming Soon!

News will be coming soon!

Setting Up the Pieces Takes Time

           Taking Them Down Takes Time & Patience