A Dark Cloud?

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From Madeira Beach Residents

Thoughts sent by two MBU members about the  MB Commissioners’ approval of the CM’s relationship with his girlfriend at the “Love Fest” meeting on 4/6/2016 are below…  

Commissioners for City of Madeira Beach

Four Commissioners for City of Madeira Beach

Where’s the Love for Residents?

Love may be in the air, but liability hangs like a dark cloud…

Perhaps the city attorney and others should brief themselves on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which encompasses work place and sexual harassment.  

While all is lovely in loveland now, what if down the road someone makes a claim that they felt threatened or violated?

Who will foot the bill when the city is held liable for damages?  Not any of the parties involved in this article will be held accountable; it will be once again, the taxpaying suckers of Madeira Beach.   

Haven’t the Commission been informed of “appearance of impropriety” or at the very least understand why ethics are paramount to all the emotion-driven drama we are forced to ingest?

And that’s not even addressing the relationship of the city manager and Mr Karns!

Yes, he built and helped fund ROC park, a noble gesture indeed.

But, does that give him preference over other developers who were unheard or sidelined because of the relationships at city hall?

Not only currently providing room and board at a multimillion dollar condo on Gulf Blvd for the city manager and his assistant  but previously at several additional locations throughout their tenure as Madeira Beach employees?   

All may be aboveboard and within city rules and regulations but why even court the appearance of impropriety if there is none?

Where is the love for the residents who are on the hook for this?


Photo of City Manager Shane Crawford and Cheryl (Rodde) McCrady

City Manager Shane Crawford Admits Relationship with His Admin

Not Illegal?  What About Financially Liable?

Did you know, if you are the City Manager in Madeira Beach you can have an affair with your secretary even though you are married?  
In answer to an ethics complaint filed with the ICMA, the Mayor and Commissioners of our great city at an ’emergency’ meeting, overwhelmingly  supported the city managers actions of living with his assistant. 
  • The City Manager admitted he has been carrying on the affair but said it was not illegal. 
    City Manager Shane Crawford

    Is this the kind of person we want running our city?

If not illegal, then what is it?  

  • That question is one we all must ask.  Is this the kind of person we want running our city? 
  • Not ONE of the Commissioners present asked what would happen if the relationship goes “south” – and a sexual harassment suit is filed against the city.   Who pays? Are we just one big argument away from a big payout?
  • I guess after the Commissioners all agreed publicly, their OK with it means there would be no defense?
  • You make the decision what you think is right.  
  • But, why do the Mayor and Commissioners put us in this position of liability?

Who is going to save us?

Some of the Cheerleaders…


Pat Shontz, Cit of Madera Beach Commissioner

Commissioner Pat Shontz, Loves What Mr. Crawford Does!

Randall Gunning, MB

Randall Gunning, “MB couldn’t have a better City Manager.”

Robert Taylor praises the City Manager.

Robert Taylor.  “We need this kind of City Manager”