High intensity construction that Madeira Beach officials want.. and Clearwater is now regretting!

Urgent! Contribute to Stop Developments!

YOU can make a difference! 

Donate Now

  • As of today we still need $$ donations to go ahead with planned legal action.
  • Without the litigation these projects will be on the fast track – and we will NEVER get our city back.

It appears that Big Money Developers have identified Madeira Beach  as the place to build and profit from  unfettered development in a way that they cannot any where else  in Pinellas County — now that Clearwater ...

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Hands Across Madeira Beach - Residents Together

It Is Our City!

Government For and By the People

Join Us!  This is a website by and for the people… of Madeira Beach who want:

— the best quality of life possible for Madeira Beach and

to preserve the relaxed, comfortable village feel that drew us to our beloved city

to avoid the overdevelopment that has overtaken other cities in our area

— to get back our city and stop ...

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Comparison of Town Center Concept and Newly Proposed Project

Which Do You Want?

Somewhat Massive in Size?

Statements by Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford in the latest issue of the “Madeira Wave”:

“These developments are somewhat massive in size, compared to what we have seen previously.”  

Hmmm… Ask yourself, what does “somewhat massive” mean?  Does it sound like ‘double speak’?  Well, here’s more that will puzzle you, too (from the same article)…

“You can rest assured that your elected and appointed officials will not approved something that will ...

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Clearwater Traffic on the Memorial Highway

Heard On the Street

What Are Residents Saying?

Well there are so many comments… it’s hard to know where to start.  Here’s a sampling of what residents are saying…

 Do Not “Clearwater-ize” Madeira Beach!

  • “I drive my kids to the Fundamental School.  Traffic is already bad.
    What will it be like with 600 hotel rooms and 150 condos jammed on the causeway?”
  • “I love the small-town residential aspects of Madeira Beach.
    And, I loathe the idea of becoming a hotel, T-shirt shop, and margarita bar ...
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Carnival Lights at Night

Who Doesn’t Love a Carnival?

It’s Lights Out for the Madeira Beach Yacht Club!

Dinner by Carnival Lights at the Yacht Club?

  • It’s the residents and guests at the Madeira Beach Yacht Club —
    who lost all electrical power during the recent carnival –
    the Spring Break Festival & Carnival.
  • They found themselves having dinner by carnival light…
    which is less romantic than candle light for all but the kids!

Join Us!  Stop this Overdevelopment & the MB Spending Spree!

Send Checks payable to:
Crabb & Wein Escrow Account
Note ...
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