Ball Field Repair Redone… Again

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Neighbors of the Madeira Beach city complex report…

After the recent carnivals, fishing tournaments, and festivals,
officials found that the ball fields just do not survive the events!

Damaged Baseball Field

Refurbishing the Fields – Again

Time to call the Eventbusters*… who rid the city of the after-effects of a carnival or fishing tourney by spending 3 days of work, replanting grass and getting the ball field ready to go in only about 3 weeks.

Cost estimate?  We were told it cost the city $40,000 to redo the fields… Since the city doesn’t talk about these expenses, maybe this estimate is correct.

*Eventbusters is just a made up name… We don’t know the name of the company who redid the damaged ball fields for the City of Madeira Beach…  Last we heard, the city is trying to redo the fields themselves… and has guys out there feeding bird seed to the blackbirds.  (Ok, they are seeding the fields, but the birds appear to be winning. )

It appears that this plan to use ball fields for events has not been entirely thought through!  This is the City Manager and staff that got the City Manager a perfect score on his last review, right? Hmmm…