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Finally Media Telling Both Sides

 “Stormy Controversy Over Development Engulfs Madeira Beach”, by Anne Lindberg discusses more key points about what has united residents of Madeira Beach than has any article in any newspaper in the area.  And, it’s on a “blog” site.

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So Tell It Like It Is…

But what residents want is not of interest, it seems, to MB city officials.  They discount what residents say… calling residents liars and saying residents overstate things…  

  • It’s clear from the story that Vice-Mayor Shontz is not happy about residents opposing her!  And, for some reason, she suggests that residents have people coming from the ‘outside’ to help.
    • Well, our attorney does live in Treasure Island.
      But, everyone involved in the objections to the proposed Holton and Karns developments live in Madeira Beach. (Some may be part year residents, but they do reside here.)
    • As kids, we used to say, “Takes one to know one”… meaning the insult, exaggeration, or whatever is said – says more about the speaker – than the person being insulted, taunted, whatever…And, that’s the case here, it’s sad to say…

If you doubt this, take a look at the blog article about the May 10 Commission Meeting… and you will see that at least 6 of the City’s  ‘testimonial’ speakers were people who LIVE ELSEWHERE, but were called in to tell Madeira Beach how lucky we are to get the developments!

  • And the story from the Mayor is that residents are overstating things.

    • He says that the hotel (mind you it is hotels) would only replace the rooms lost in recent years, like the Holiday Inn. The straight story is, IN FACT, that the condo hotel called Madeira Bay Resort REPLACED the rooms that the Holiday Inn’s closing eliminated.

    • And, the Hotels proposed  will add 702 hotel rooms.  Would you consider 702 hotel rooms an overstatement of the number of rooms lost when the Holiday in and a few Mom & Pop motels closed?  

Residents who love their little city and its laid-back lifestyle have decided to stop the complete urbanization of their community.  


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Maybe we could have a little of this in our city?