Calendar Dates Set for Two Hearings

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The challenge to the comprehensive plan based complaint (Hein/Parker v city of MB), challenged on the (improperly) advertised notice is scheduled for October 7th.  

A summary judgment hearing is requested and alleges that the court needs no testimony and can make a decision based on the facts of law and the case.   

To read the Summary Motion filed with the court,  click Here.

Ticket for participation.

                     NO tickets needed.

You May Attend the October 7 Hearing 

Anyone can attend. The entire courtroom is available.  Just sit on the side behind our attorneys (Tim Weber and Ken Weiss).

When:         10 am, Friday Oct 7

Where:       Judge Minkoff’s Courtroom #412, in the Courthouse at 545 1St Ave. N., St. Petersburg 

Courthouse nearby lovely Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg, FL

The Courthouse for the hearing is nearby lovely Mirror Lake.


The lawsuit Challenge to the rezoning’s. Karns and Holton have filed motions to intervene as parties in this case. We don’t believe that they have that right. It would give them far too much control in the case because they would be a named party.

The hearing on that is scheduled for October 17.   Details shortly.

Woman with hands over ears.

  Yet to be heard…


Motion to Disqualify Attorneys

Filed by Jim Holton. (We believe the allegations to be false.)

The Sunshine Law Case & Refusal of Public Records

The hearing on the records request was held but the Judge did not sign the order requiring the city to turn over records, that he said he would sign. (He was going out of the country on vacation and will be
back in a couple of weeks.) There will be another hearing as the order was incomplete.

The Petitioner Case

The city has filed a motion to dismiss but hasn’t scheduled it for hearing.

Since they have filed the lawsuit, Residents’ claims are preserved and nothing will be done until the city schedules a hearing on this matter.