Madeira Beach... Boats At Dock

Channel 10 Gives Free PR to Karns

From a MBU Member…

Today I was headed toward Publix via the Tom Stuart Causeway when I noticed our City Manager, Shane Crawford standing in front of a TV type camera with about three or four red shirted helpers.

  • I noticed a gentleman dressed in a white shirt and tie and thought he might be a news reporter from what was obviously a News Channel 10 van.
  • So I turned around, and drove my car to the place where the news event was being ...
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Sign: are you kidding me?

Viewpoints – What Are They Thinking?

The Cost of Proposed Developments to Residents Is Astonishing!

Last night as I was listening to Mr. John Lipa present information about what the residents of Madeira Beach in the condominiums on 150th Avenue were willing to GIVE UP, in order to accommodate the proposed developments, I freaked out!  

Stop Expecting SignI mean, when did we, Americans, quit thinking that We the People do not matter?  While I ...

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Sign to help recognize important things

Why Didn’t We Know?

Were We Asleep at the Wheel?

Well, the question is:  Were we paying attention to our city business?  And, if not, why not?

A tough question to answer.  But, looking back, it appears that the flow of information got smaller and smaller, until it’s reached a trickle.  

So the fact that we didn’t know that our Madeira Beach comp plan was changed in 2014 to permit the type of massive overdevelopment proposed should not be surprising!

We say this because, in fact, some things have changed. ...

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City Manager Shane Crawford Reporting to the Board of Commissioners

Right vs Wrong Twitter Cartoon

The Twitter-feed cartoon, below, gets right to the heart of a series of questions that have surfaced in Madeira Beach about what’s going on here.

Questions – floating around the city for weeks – have come out.
Most unsettling, is the question of how close relationships with Developers impact decisions made by City Officials and the CM.

It’s a Question of Right and Wrong…

Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford told Ms. Estrada of the Tampa Bay Times ...

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News Hot off the Press!

Hot News and More

Attack Website?  Not this One

Well, if the Fox 13 network folks think that this website or was created to attack city officials, they didn’t read the sites.  

Maybe they were told that by the City Manager or Assistant Mayor Shontz – the city officials interviewed by Channel 13.

  • We are not attacking… but merely speaking out about their attempt to mislead us and to force forward MASSIVE development Read More →
Image of Pinellas County Sheriff

Another Madeira Beach Sheriff’s Deputy in Trouble?

This from WTVT, 10News, another Sheriff’s deputy working in Madeira Beach has gotten into a bit of a spot:

Deputy Jeremy Kurella, 237, a deputy since 2005, was part of the investigation of a fatal pedestrian crash on Madeira Avenue in November 2014. A blood draw was requested from the driver and Kurella got the results, but did not notice that it exceeded the .08 limit at which a driver is considered impaired in Florida.

You can read the entire article ...

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Mugshot of Deputy Virden

Sheriff’s Deputy for Madeira Beach Arrested

Did you know that one of our own deputies was arrested for shooting an unarmed, handcuffed young man? This from Fox13’s website:

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigators presented the state attorney’s office with the results of their month-long investigation into one of their own. Friday morning, State Attorney Bernie McCabe filed attempted manslaughter charges against the deputy.

News of this has even reached our friends in the UK.

You can read the full affidavit here.

I ...

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Sexual Harassment

A Dark Cloud?

From Madeira Beach Residents

Thoughts sent by two MBU members about the  MB Commissioners’ approval of the CM’s relationship with his girlfriend at the “Love Fest” meeting on 4/6/2016 are below…  

Where’s the Love for Residents?

Love may be in the air, but liability hangs like ...

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