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2017 Madeira Beach Election Clean Sweep!

Official results are in and all three of the challengers win! Maggi Black, Nancy Oakley and John Douthirt all won easily!

Maggi Black won the mayoral race with 55% of the votes. Nancy Oakley won the race for district 3 with 61% of the votes and John Douthirt won district 4 with 55% of the votes (in a three-way race!).

The Beach Beacon and Bay News 9 reporting on the results.

Here are the “unofficial” results from Tuesday, March 14th, ...

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Sunshine Lawsuit Update – March 6, 2017

Judge Voids Housh Ghovaee’s Appointment to the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners

The City of Madeira Beach, Mayor Palladeno, and Commissioners Lister and Hodges Violated the Florida State Sunshine Law

Ghovaee was appointed to the City Commission in July 2016 to fill the District 4 seat vacated by Pat Shontz. This ill-advised and illegal appointment contained a variety of errors on the part of city officials.

The actions of the Mayor and Commissioners violated the state’s Sunshine Law. The appointment of Ghovaee was ...

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Viewpoints: Letter from Resident

There are two sides to every story!

A flyer was distributed to Madeira Beach resident’s door steps on 11/9/16. It was titled “Madeira Beach in Turmoil” and was blaming City Commissioner Elaine Poe, for the turmoil in our city. Whoever composed the flyer didn’t even have the courage to take responsibility and put their name on the flyer.

Our City is in turmoil… but Elaine Poe is NOT the cause of turmoil in our City.

Any turmoil ...

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A Resident’s Thoughts on CM’s Expulsion from ICMA

View Points Article: A Madeira Beach resident sent this to us and asked us to share the thoughts… 

City Manager Shows Contempt for Filing of Ethics Complaints by Residents

Our Madeira Beach City Manager was emboldened by the letter he received from ICMA dated 8/15/2016, saying that the complaints filed against him lacked support and that no further action would be taken for those filings.

  • Good judgment would dictate that the CM should have breathed a deep “Whew”, brushed ...
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Contact Information for City Officials

Image courtesy of Visti St. Petersburg Clearwater Convention Visitor Center Media Center


Shane Crawford City Manager
Travis Palladeno Mayor
Elaine Poe Commissioner
Nancy Hodges Commissioner
Terry Lister Commissioner
Housh Ghovaee Commissioner
Michael Noble Chair
Dennis Carr Planning Commissioner
David Lawrence Planning Commissioner
Ann Rasmussen Planning Commissioner
Ingrid Ferro-Spilde Not available Planning Commissioner
Sonny Flynn Not available Planning Commissioner
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City Manager Expelled From ICMA

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is THE professional association for local governments, worldwide.

  • It sets standards with a code of Ethics which all member-Managers must swear to uphold.  
  • If they do not uphold the standards of Ethics, they can be censured and expelled.  

And, this is exactly what has happened to Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford. He was censured and expelled.

Why Was Crawford Censured and Expelled from Membership?

The ICMA Executive Committee found that two different tenets were violated.  They both were related to his ...

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City Served: Amended Sunshine & Public Records Violations

The Flowers Are for You, Ken!

We are delighted that you have filed this complaint to stop Mayor Palladeno, City Commissioners and City Manager Shane Crawford from actions that are:

  • damaging to our city and
  • more importantly, potentially ILLEGAL.

This appears to be the only way to stop this group, coached by the city’s attorney, Tom Trask.

Below is an excellent article with an overview of what is going on with this legal action.

Tampa Bay Times article by Sheila Mullany ...

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Who is Houshang Ghovaee? aka Housh Ghovaee

Editorial Sent by a Madeira Beach Resident

Appointed to Madeira Beach City Commission & Vice Mayor, 7/9/2016

Mr. Ghovaee was appointed to the commission without any public discussion of his background.  Some have asked: What kind of force and spokesperson he will be for residents of Madeira Beach?

We have heard questions like:

  • Will he help the mayor and city manager control the budget, or
  • Will he continue the reckless spending spree for dubious projects that has buried the city in a mountain of ...
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Did You Hear the One About the Sunshine Violations?

Sunshine Violations for Palladeno, Lister, Hodges

Well, Madeira Beach officials seem to be trivializing this legal action, too, but we think it is not a joke!
This is the third lawsuit we have filed against the City of Madeira Beach.  It is about the way in which the selection of the Interim Commissioner was done.

  • The reason for the violation is that Florida statutes require all official acts to be taken only at meetings open to the public.  

    From the Florida Statutes:

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