4th Action Against Madeira Beach Commissioners

Thursday, July 14th, New Lawsuit Filed against City

Residents are not giving up on stopping the massive developments that the current City Commission and City Manager support.


The lawsuit filed yesterday assures City Official and the City Manager that residents are NOT DONE YET, and we understand that another lawsuit is coming TODAY, July 15th!

The lawsuit filed yesterday CHALLENGES the rezoning of the Holiday Isles (Holton) and Town Center (Karns) projects, based ...

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7/12 Commissioner Mtgs, Agenda & More

City Commission Workshop & Regular Meeting 

The Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners apparently prepared agendas for two meetings this Tuesday.  Apparently the agendas were distributed to selected parties, but they have not been posted online as of Sunday, July 10.  They were posted online sometime Monday.  Links are below>

Click Here=>  MB—07-12-2016 BOC Regular Agenda   REGULAR AGENDA PACKET, Click Here => Regular Packet


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In the Press: Elected officials ignore voters

An editorial about the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners yet again ignoring the voices of residents and voters. From the “Tampa Bay Times“, by Ken Weiss:


More about the invalid vote by the Madeira Beach board of Commissioners, by Anne Lindberg, StPetesBlog.com: 

Activists’ attorney: Madeira Beach developments votes were invalid

And, ...

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Despite Petition and Ordinance Suspension, Commission Votes

About the Suspension of an Ordinance Based on a Petition for Referendum

Jim Scarborough (see bottom) said very clearly in his 3 minute presentation, the determination of the lack of sufficiency of the petition (made by Mr. Trask) was a preliminary determination, therefore the ordinance is suspended. Mr. Scarborough explained that determining insufficiency is a LEGAL definition with a detailed process.

FACTS from Section 13.5  Madeira Beach City Charter:

When a referendum petition is filed with the City Clerk, the ordinance ...

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Ruling Does Not Clear Way for Development

Headline Belies the Truth

Don’t be fooled. Sheila Estrada’s headline, Ruling clears way for redevelopment vote in Madeira Beach, belies the truth.

Tom Trask’s ‘ruling’ is a legal opinion.  Tom is a hired gun, not a court…  His written opinion is colored by who he perceives is paying his bill.

So the points Mr. Trask makes in his ‘ruling’, in favor of his employers as you would guess, will not stand up… He has said:

1) only ...

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Flooding on E Parsley, Madeira Beach, FL

Stormwater Mitigation Isn’t Sexy Enough?

Nasty Delays Cause Health Issues

When the Madeira Beach Commission was commending City Manager Crawford, because he said the city hall complex was under budget at $11 million dollars (which was actually estimated at $10 million when the city was borrowing money to build) the Commissioners overlooked the fact that their new complex was going to again delay dealing with Nasty Stormwater problems that plague the city.

Stormwater Is Only Part of the Problem

The stormwater problem might not be too bad – except ...

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Complaint Department Sign

#1 – Ethics Complaints: Crawford, Shontz, DeSantis

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Madeira Beach City employees and an elected Commissioner were notified of ethics complaints investigations by the Florida Ethics Commission.

It is alleged that three Madeira Beach City officials are the subjects of ethics complaints:

  • City Manager Shane Crawford
  • Vice-Mayor Pat Shontz, and
  • Building Official Frank DeSantis.

Times Reports Ethics Complaint Notifications Against City Manager

According to Sheila Estrada, Tampa Bay Times, City Manager Shane Crawford confirmed that ethics complaints have been filed and are being investigated in the article: “Ethics complaint ...

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#3 – Implications of Ethics Complaints on Madeira Beach

If these allegations against Mr. Crawford and the Building Official are true, we have a cause for real concern for ANY future development.  It makes one ask the question…

If a Project of 1 House Is Mismanaged, What Can We Expect on $180M Development ?

Could the the Board of Commissioners possibly believe that we have staff capable of competently managing $180 million developments if the allegations are true?  Would the:

  • building codes were complied ...
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May 10 Meeting – Summary & Next Steps

What Happened at the Meeting?

Well, if you were watching via computer, you missed the first half hour or so because the City Manager has STILL NOT focused resources on a decent broadcast of meetings!  During the Citizen’s Forum – which could not be heard at home – MB resident Sam Baker, said…“I’ll be brief. You know:

  • There are 2 local websites that oppose the two developments.
  • Two weeks ago, I heard there were 600 people signed up on one of them.
  • This morning, I heard that ...
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Sign: are you kidding me?

Viewpoints – What Are They Thinking?

The Cost of Proposed Developments to Residents Is Astonishing!

Last night as I was listening to Mr. John Lipa present information about what the residents of Madeira Beach in the condominiums on 150th Avenue were willing to GIVE UP, in order to accommodate the proposed developments, I freaked out!  

Stop Expecting SignI mean, when did we, Americans, quit thinking that We the People do not matter?  While I ...

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