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Commissioner VOTING, May 10th, 6 pm


6 pm City Hall, Tuesday, May 10, 2016   City Commissioners Meeting
FINAL reading: Holton Development  — FIRST Reading: Karns Development

Click >> Agenda and materials received by Commissioners

And, if the Commissioners are interested in feedback from out-of-town visitors and locals comments in reaction to Sheila Mullane Estrada’s article on May 6th “Huge Projects Face Key Vote in Madeira Beach” they can view the following Comments:


“We have been visiting Madeira ...

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Why Didn’t We Know?

Were We Asleep at the Wheel?

Well, the question is:  Were we paying attention to our city business?  And, if not, why not?

A tough question to answer.  But, looking back, it appears that the flow of information got smaller and smaller, until it’s reached a trickle.  

So the fact that we didn’t know that our Madeira Beach comp plan was changed in 2014 to permit the type of massive overdevelopment proposed should not be surprising!

We say this because, in fact, some things have changed. ...

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Website Slamming Elaine Poe

Offensive Approach to ‘Politics’

We are NOT the people who produced the offensive, negative website that calls for Commissioner Poe to resign.  The mission of Madeira Beach United, LLC (MBU) is focused on a positive approach to community concerns.


And, we strongly object to the attempt to malign her by posting a photo of a dear man, tragically killed recently in a motorcycle accident.  Those of us who live in Madeira Beach and knew this man, knew him to be a ...

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Tom Stuart Causeway (Draw) Bridge, Madeira Beach, FL

Analysis of Holiday Isle Traffic Study


Analysis by William Gay

The Holiday Isle Marina developer commissioned a very limited, 2 hour, 3-page traffic study to measure traffic volumes at the existing site entrances for the $80 Million development.


It is insulting to residents that MB CM Crawford and the MB City Commission think that residents would believe that a traffic study performed in late September for a measely 2 hours is sufficient to ...

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Sexual Harassment

A Dark Cloud?

From Madeira Beach Residents

Thoughts sent by two MBU members about the  MB Commissioners’ approval of the CM’s relationship with his girlfriend at the “Love Fest” meeting on 4/6/2016 are below…  

Where’s the Love for Residents?

Love may be in the air, but liability hangs like ...

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Image of a Still from Fox13 video 2016-04-06

Fox13 Talks to Shane Crawford and Attorney Ken Weiss

Fox13’s Steve Nichols filed a story today covering the complaint filed against the City today and the controversy surrounding the City Manger’s relationship with his assistant, Cheryl Rodde. Here is the follow-up story on Fox13 that aired after the Special Commission meeting.

Even though the City Manager announced that the LiveStreaming wasn’t working, it seems they did manage to get it working. You can watch the meeting online. It was posted on the City website last ...

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Personal Trainer selected by the City Manager for the Madeira Beach Recreation Center. Shown with Fire Department staff.

April 6 Special Meeting

Special Meeting and Agenda

The City Manager has called a Special Commissioners Meeting, posted April 5th, for a meeting at 6 p.m. at City Hall on April 6th.

Apparently the City Manager is going to talk about his relationship(s) with city employee Cheryl Rodde and others, with contractors, and developers.

Apparently, the agenda does not include the legal action filed against the city by residents concerning the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  (More information about this soon.)

Click Below for Agenda for this meeting.

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Comparison of Town Center Concept and Newly Proposed Project

Which Do You Want?

Somewhat Massive in Size?

Statements by Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford in the latest issue of the “Madeira Wave”:

“These developments are somewhat massive in size, compared to what we have seen previously.”  

Hmmm… Ask yourself, what does “somewhat massive” mean?  Does it sound like ‘double speak’?  Well, here’s more that will puzzle you, too (from the same article)…

“You can rest assured that your elected and appointed officials will not approved something that will ...

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