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Madeira Beach officials reject petitions, plan to go ahead with votes on proposed developments…

Read this article by Ann Lindberg –> Click Here 

City commissioner abruptly resigns after voting for Madeira Beach development proposal

Read this article by Ann Lindberg –> Click Here

Citizens of Madeira Beach, Florida, Oppose City Government Development Projects

Madeira Beach, Florida  – Citizens formed ...

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Despite Petition and Ordinance Suspension, Commission Votes

About the Suspension of an Ordinance Based on a Petition for Referendum

Jim Scarborough (see bottom) said very clearly in his 3 minute presentation, the determination of the lack of sufficiency of the petition (made by Mr. Trask) was a preliminary determination, therefore the ordinance is suspended. Mr. Scarborough explained that determining insufficiency is a LEGAL definition with a detailed process.

FACTS from Section 13.5  Madeira Beach City Charter:

When a referendum petition is filed with the City Clerk, the ordinance ...

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Ruling Does Not Clear Way for Development

Headline Belies the Truth

Don’t be fooled. Sheila Estrada’s headline, Ruling clears way for redevelopment vote in Madeira Beach, belies the truth.

Tom Trask’s ‘ruling’ is a legal opinion.  Tom is a hired gun, not a court…  His written opinion is colored by who he perceives is paying his bill.

So the points Mr. Trask makes in his ‘ruling’, in favor of his employers as you would guess, will not stand up… He has said:

1) only ...

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Petition Committee delivering signatures at City Hall, Madeira Beach FL

Petitions with 1025 Signatures Delivered to City

Friday morning at 8:00 a.m. several folks involved in petitioning and the Petition Committee, led by Sam Baker, met with the Madeira Beach City Clerk, Aimee Servidio to present to her all the signed and notarized Petitions for Referendum.

Click here for the video that highlights the petitions delivery.

The Purpose of the Petition

The purpose, from a statement by Sam Baker, is to slow down or stop the two developments that threaten our small town character.

A ...

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View Point: Recent Quotes

This View Point article was written by a resident who has heard numerous questionable and/or offensive remarks — and decided to respond.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, MB Neighbor!

From Nextdoor Madeira

A local real estate business man, Jim Beggins, recently said  “Opposition is mostly from the “not in my back yarders” who may be losing a view that they did not pay for, regardless to how it hurts the income of our 2 local developers.  

Dissenters show up at ...

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City Manager says they

BayNews 9 Duped by City-Developer Team!

They Used to Say We Are Anti-Development…
Now They Say We Lie

Until recently, when Bill Karns hired a media guy, Madeira Beach City Officials’ and the Developers’ official story was that about 25 oddballs opposing the proposed development were anti-development.

Now that a media guy is involved, the story is that we’re all liars.  So they need a platform for telling this, right… So where did they start?   Well, we aren’t sure, but we think they started with ...

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Residents not ‘buying’ beach development

Originally published for the Beach Beacon online May 31, 2016 in the printed edition on June 2, 2016.

Madeira Beach City Commission took action on May 10, as reported by Mr. Ayers, to allow rezoning for major developments spanning from the western end of the Tom Stuart Causeway to Gulf Boulevard.

The meeting seemed to be orchestrated to favor an approval for the rezoning. Green T-shirts labeled “Say Yes” were handed to attendees as they entered the building.

It is ...

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Today I wrote to Senator Bill Nelson

Today, I wrote to Senator Bill Nelson after reaching out to his office staff for direction. His office asked for a summary of the situation. 

The city of Madeira Beach is proposing, with two developers, two massive projects; two 11 story hotels, dozens of condos, 50,000 sq. ft. retail space, boat slips and dockmaster house on two small waterfront parcels. The CW Young VA facility sits about one mile east of the Tom Stuart drawbridge. These proposed projects are just across the ...

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What if a Liar

Blog Gives Facts about Residents’ Viewpoints

Finally Media Telling Both Sides

 “Stormy Controversy Over Development Engulfs Madeira Beach”, by Anne Lindberg discusses more key points about what has united residents of Madeira Beach than has any article in any newspaper in the area.  And, it’s on a “blog” site.

But what residents want is not of interest, it seems, to MB city officials.  They discount what residents say… calling residents liars and saying residents overstate things…  

  • It’s clear from the story that Vice-Mayor Shontz is not happy about residents opposing her! ...
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Cozy Condo

#2 Ethics Violation for Crawford

It is alleged that there is a second ethics violation against Shane Crawford, City Manager of Madeira Beach, filed with the Florida Ethics Commission.

A Pattern of Improper Relationships Alleged Against CM

The allegations in this case against Mr. Crawford, and possibly his executive assistant, Cheryl McCrady, are a pattern of improper relationships.

We have heard that it is alleged that these improper relationships involve the Landlord/Tenant relationship and the Developer/City Manager/Executive Assistant relationships.

We understand that it is ...

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