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2017 Madeira Beach Election Clean Sweep!

Official results are in and all three of the challengers win! Maggi Black, Nancy Oakley and John Douthirt all won easily!

Maggi Black won the mayoral race with 55% of the votes. Nancy Oakley won the race for district 3 with 61% of the votes and John Douthirt won district 4 with 55% of the votes (in a three-way race!).

The Beach Beacon and Bay News 9 reporting on the results.

Here are the “unofficial” results from Tuesday, March 14th, ...

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Picture of Housh Ghovaee

Sunshine Lawsuit Update – March 6, 2017

Judge Voids Housh Ghovaee’s Appointment to the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners

The City of Madeira Beach, Mayor Palladeno, and Commissioners Lister and Hodges Violated the Florida State Sunshine Law

Ghovaee was appointed to the City Commission in July 2016 to fill the District 4 seat vacated by Pat Shontz. This ill-advised and illegal appointment contained a variety of errors on the part of city officials.

The actions of the Mayor and Commissioners violated the state’s Sunshine Law. The appointment of Ghovaee was ...

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Contact Information for City Officials

Image courtesy of Visti St. Petersburg Clearwater Convention Visitor Center Media Center


Shane Crawford City Manager
Travis Palladeno Mayor
Elaine Poe Commissioner
Nancy Hodges Commissioner
Terry Lister Commissioner
Housh Ghovaee Commissioner
Michael Noble Chair
Dennis Carr Planning Commissioner
David Lawrence Planning Commissioner
Ann Rasmussen Planning Commissioner
Ingrid Ferro-Spilde Not available Planning Commissioner
Sonny Flynn Not available Planning Commissioner
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Turn Up the Heat!

Signatures Count Too

If you are one of the over 1,000 citizens who signed the petitions, we feel city hall would like to hear from you.

At this time the petitions are still being denied by Attorney Trask, representing the city. They are hoping if they ignore us, we will go away!   




We followed all the rules – and then some – and worked countless hours.  We had many volunteers who had never ...

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Ruling Does Not Clear Way for Development

Headline Belies the Truth

Don’t be fooled. Sheila Estrada’s headline, Ruling clears way for redevelopment vote in Madeira Beach, belies the truth.

Tom Trask’s ‘ruling’ is a legal opinion.  Tom is a hired gun, not a court…  His written opinion is colored by who he perceives is paying his bill.

So the points Mr. Trask makes in his ‘ruling’, in favor of his employers as you would guess, will not stand up… He has said:

1) only ...

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Viewpoints – Ecologically Reckless

Florida, Land of Beauty and Nature!

Its about the marine life, the nested birds, and the various land creatures that scurry around on the few remaining sandy parcels that fringe our waterways in Madeira Beach.

How could this poorly planned development mean PROGRESS to our tiny beach town?

Can this two mile little town support this massive proposal, placed right at the most congested area of all?

  • Imagine the automobile exhaust polluting our air as rows and rows of cars sit waiting for traffic to move.
  • How will emergency vehicles make it around that area and across ...
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Image of 911 emergency numbers

Viewpoints – Safety First?

Opinion Piece 

This is an opinion piece – a bit like an editorial.  It was sent by a resident.  He said that he was stunned with the presentation made during the planning meeting about a traffic light on 150th Ave. in the name of safety, and asked us to share it with you.   

Dear Fellow Residents of Madeira Beach,

I watched the Planning Committee meeting and presentation by Mr. L. and was stunned.

Yes, safety is important.  No one will disagree with that.  What did not make sense ...

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150th Ave before the Causeway Bridge, with sign for parking on school childlren

Why Should We Pay?

Residents Should NOT Have to Pay to Enable the Holiday Isle Development!

Snapshot Summary of this Analysis

This is a detail analysis of the Impact Fees for proposed development called Holiday Isles.  The development plan obligates the city and state to yet unknown costs for new roadway work on city land at no expense, pedestrian walkway and roadway improvements so that the Holiday Isles development can go forward.

The roadway on city land at NO cost to the ...

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Tom Stuart Causeway (Draw) Bridge, Madeira Beach, FL

Analysis of Holiday Isle Traffic Study


Analysis by William Gay

The Holiday Isle Marina developer commissioned a very limited, 2 hour, 3-page traffic study to measure traffic volumes at the existing site entrances for the $80 Million development.


It is insulting to residents that MB CM Crawford and the MB City Commission think that residents would believe that a traffic study performed in late September for a measely 2 hours is sufficient to ...

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Madeira Beach Yacht club

Neighborhoods: Madeira Beach Yacht Club

How Will the Proposed Development Affect You?

Well, here’s the link to the great information that has been put together for MBYC residents!

Madeira Beach Yacht Club

Information that is tailored to residents of the MB Yacht Club whose properties will be affected most by any downtown “Center” development is on the website: 

If you live in this neighborhood, check it regularly ...

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