Madeira Beach... Boats At Dock

Channel 10 Gives Free PR to Karns

From a MBU Member…

Today I was headed toward Publix via the Tom Stuart Causeway when I noticed our City Manager, Shane Crawford standing in front of a TV type camera with about three or four red shirted helpers.

  • I noticed a gentleman dressed in a white shirt and tie and thought he might be a news reporter from what was obviously a News Channel 10 van.
  • So I turned around, and drove my car to the place where the news event was being ...
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Steam Engine at Going Full Steam on track with black smoke

Petition Circulation at Full Steam

Residents of Our Authentic Coastal Town Are Collecting Signatures

One thing that experts in tourism will tell you, visitors value AUTHENTIC experiences…  And, that’s what local Madeira Beach residents are working to protect – the REAL MADEIRA BEACH.  Last weekend, we estimate that at least 250 signatures were collected… maybe more.  We don’t have an exact count, but we know that folks are out and working hard!

Don’t you wonder why our City Manager and Commission continue to ...

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Sign: are you kidding me?

Viewpoints – What Are They Thinking?

The Cost of Proposed Developments to Residents Is Astonishing!

Last night as I was listening to Mr. John Lipa present information about what the residents of Madeira Beach in the condominiums on 150th Avenue were willing to GIVE UP, in order to accommodate the proposed developments, I freaked out!  

Stop Expecting SignI mean, when did we, Americans, quit thinking that We the People do not matter?  While I ...

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Viewpoints – Ecologically Reckless

Florida, Land of Beauty and Nature!

Its about the marine life, the nested birds, and the various land creatures that scurry around on the few remaining sandy parcels that fringe our waterways in Madeira Beach.

How could this poorly planned development mean PROGRESS to our tiny beach town?

Can this two mile little town support this massive proposal, placed right at the most congested area of all?

  • Imagine the automobile exhaust polluting our air as rows and rows of cars sit waiting for traffic to move.
  • How will emergency vehicles make it around that area and across ...
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It Will Change Your Life!

Commissioner VOTING, May 10th, 6 pm


6 pm City Hall, Tuesday, May 10, 2016   City Commissioners Meeting
FINAL reading: Holton Development  — FIRST Reading: Karns Development

Click >> Agenda and materials received by Commissioners

And, if the Commissioners are interested in feedback from out-of-town visitors and locals comments in reaction to Sheila Mullane Estrada’s article on May 6th “Huge Projects Face Key Vote in Madeira Beach” they can view the following Comments:


“We have been visiting Madeira ...

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Sign to help recognize important things

Why Didn’t We Know?

Were We Asleep at the Wheel?

Well, the question is:  Were we paying attention to our city business?  And, if not, why not?

A tough question to answer.  But, looking back, it appears that the flow of information got smaller and smaller, until it’s reached a trickle.  

So the fact that we didn’t know that our Madeira Beach comp plan was changed in 2014 to permit the type of massive overdevelopment proposed should not be surprising!

We say this because, in fact, some things have changed. ...

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Website Slamming Elaine Poe

Offensive Approach to ‘Politics’

We are NOT the people who produced the offensive, negative website that calls for Commissioner Poe to resign.  The mission of Madeira Beach United, LLC (MBU) is focused on a positive approach to community concerns.


And, we strongly object to the attempt to malign her by posting a photo of a dear man, tragically killed recently in a motorcycle accident.  Those of us who live in Madeira Beach and knew this man, knew him to be a ...

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Metropolitan Planning Organization, Pinellas Planning Council Logo and Meetings Series

Highlights – May 3rd MPO Beach Access Meeting

Highlights of Meeting 

The May third meeting was very well attended… standing room only!   Even better, the effort put into this “listening session” by the Pinellas Planning Council (PPC) and the Metro Planning Organization (MPO) was impressive. 

Their staff, in conjunction with other groups including FDOT,  gave a presentation that was first-rate!  And, they brought a real sense of enthusiasm and 

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Image of 911 emergency numbers

Viewpoints – Safety First?

Opinion Piece 

This is an opinion piece – a bit like an editorial.  It was sent by a resident.  He said that he was stunned with the presentation made during the planning meeting about a traffic light on 150th Ave. in the name of safety, and asked us to share it with you.   

Dear Fellow Residents of Madeira Beach,

I watched the Planning Committee meeting and presentation by Mr. L. and was stunned.

Yes, safety is important.  No one will disagree with that.  What did not make sense ...

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