150th Ave before the Causeway Bridge, with sign for parking on school childlren

Why Should We Pay?

Residents Should NOT Have to Pay to Enable the Holiday Isle Development!

Snapshot Summary of this Analysis

This is a detail analysis of the Impact Fees for proposed development called Holiday Isles.  The development plan obligates the city and state to yet unknown costs for new roadway work on city land at no expense, pedestrian walkway and roadway improvements so that the Holiday Isles development can go forward.

The roadway on city land at NO cost to the ...

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City Manager Shane Crawford Reporting to the Board of Commissioners

Right vs Wrong Twitter Cartoon

The Twitter-feed cartoon, below, gets right to the heart of a series of questions that have surfaced in Madeira Beach about what’s going on here.

Questions – floating around the city for weeks – have come out.
Most unsettling, is the question of how close relationships with Developers impact decisions made by City Officials and the CM.

It’s a Question of Right and Wrong…

Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford told Ms. Estrada of the Tampa Bay Times ...

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Tom Stuart Causeway (Draw) Bridge, Madeira Beach, FL

Analysis of Holiday Isle Traffic Study


Analysis by William Gay

The Holiday Isle Marina developer commissioned a very limited, 2 hour, 3-page traffic study to measure traffic volumes at the existing site entrances for the $80 Million development.


It is insulting to residents that MB CM Crawford and the MB City Commission think that residents would believe that a traffic study performed in late September for a measely 2 hours is sufficient to ...

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Heard on the Beach

Lawsuits with a Purpose

Lawsuit over for $1.96… Interesting, but read on

Well this may a ‘Believe It or Not’ type of story…   But it’s for real and is a good read!


We’re not sure who sent us the article, but we know it wasn’t actually about the lawsuit for $1.96.  Read a little further…

They sent it to us because Mr. Bill Karns –  who has proposed the Madeira Beach City Center over-development – was ...

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News Hot off the Press!

Hot News and More

Attack Website?  Not this One

Well, if the Fox 13 network folks think that this website http://www.madeirabeachunited.com or http://Madbeachparadise.com was created to attack city officials, they didn’t read the sites.  

Maybe they were told that by the City Manager or Assistant Mayor Shontz – the city officials interviewed by Channel 13.

  • We are not attacking… but merely speaking out about their attempt to mislead us and to force forward MASSIVE development Read More →
Residents of Madeira Beach

Vote Delayed on Holton Project

Vote Rescheduled for May 10

Late morning, MB city officials decided to put off the vote on the Holton project off, until the Commission’s next meeting – May 10th! 

Why did the meeting get delayed?

Well, the city attorney, Mr. Trask, said indirectly that the city was not sure if it had properly notified us (the public) about the meeting.  If they did not do it properly – and approved the rezoning and PD – the vote might be legally challenged!  

The Room Was Filled

Despite the fact that ...

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Mugshot of Deputy Virden

Sheriff’s Deputy for Madeira Beach Arrested

Did you know that one of our own deputies was arrested for shooting an unarmed, handcuffed young man? This from Fox13’s website:

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigators presented the state attorney’s office with the results of their month-long investigation into one of their own. Friday morning, State Attorney Bernie McCabe filed attempted manslaughter charges against the deputy.

News of this has even reached our friends in the UK.

You can read the full affidavit here.

I ...

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Madeira Beach Yacht club

Neighborhoods: Madeira Beach Yacht Club

How Will the Proposed Development Affect You?

Well, here’s the link to the great information that has been put together for MBYC residents!

Madeira Beach Yacht Club

Information that is tailored to residents of the MB Yacht Club whose properties will be affected most by any downtown “Center” development is on the website: http://MadBeachParadise.com 

If you live in this neighborhood, check it regularly ...

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