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Judge Rules Against Madeira Beach Officials

Judge Orders Palladeno and City to Release Ethics Complaints

During the past year, seven (7) complaints were filed with the Florida Commission on Ethics – an arm of the state’s Attorney General Office, dedicated to investigating public corruption.

The Court’s Ruling
On March 13, 2017, Judge Jack Day ruled in favor of the plaintiffs (two residents of Madeira Beach) and against the Mayor and Commissioners of the city.

Here is what the judge wrote:

“I have considered the parties’ post-hearing submissions along with ...

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This Letter to the Editor deserves to be memorialized online.

Thanks to the author for permission to re-print it here.

The time for change in the City of Madeira Beach arrived on Tuesday, March 14. The citizens trounced the incumbent Mayor and disappointed two district seat contenders.

Despite the Mayor’s constant declaration of his accomplishments, it rings hollow with a constituency that lost trust. It’s history now, but in Spring 2016, a poorly worded referendum attempted to dupe voters into giving up rights ...

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2017 Madeira Beach Election Clean Sweep!

Official results are in and all three of the challengers win! Maggi Black, Nancy Oakley and John Douthirt all won easily!

Maggi Black won the mayoral race with 55% of the votes. Nancy Oakley won the race for district 3 with 61% of the votes and John Douthirt won district 4 with 55% of the votes (in a three-way race!).

The Beach Beacon and Bay News 9 reporting on the results.

Here are the “unofficial” results from Tuesday, March 14th, ...

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Picture of Housh Ghovaee

Sunshine Lawsuit Update – March 6, 2017

Judge Voids Housh Ghovaee’s Appointment to the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners

The City of Madeira Beach, Mayor Palladeno, and Commissioners Lister and Hodges Violated the Florida State Sunshine Law

Ghovaee was appointed to the City Commission in July 2016 to fill the District 4 seat vacated by Pat Shontz. This ill-advised and illegal appointment contained a variety of errors on the part of city officials.

The actions of the Mayor and Commissioners violated the state’s Sunshine Law. The appointment of Ghovaee was ...

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Citizens’ Sunshine Lawsuit Against the City is Set for Trial

Trial will be in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Pinellas County

Thursday, March 2, 2017, 3:15 PM 

Non-Jury trial to adjudicate the appointment of Housh Ghovaee to a vacant seat on the Madeira Beach City Commission.

This hearing will be held in the judge’s chambers so there will be no room for spectators. Results will be posted on this site so look for them here!

Friday, March 3, 2017, 9:00 AM

Summary Judgement for the public release of ethics complaints filed against Madeira Beach officials. ...

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City Manager Tries to “Hoodwink” the Voters!

A recent e-mail from city manager Shane Crawford claims the reason for dismissal of the petition lawsuit against the City was that the plaintiff’s attorney had taken no action against the City’s Motion to Dismiss in November. That claim is totally untrue.

Here is the real truth, with evidence. What actually happened is: the office of the City’s attorney submitted a fraudulent Proposed Order to the judge on October 27 stating that he and the plaintiff’s attorney had negotiated and agreed ...

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Viewpoints: Letter from Resident

There are two sides to every story!

A flyer was distributed to Madeira Beach resident’s door steps on 11/9/16. It was titled “Madeira Beach in Turmoil” and was blaming City Commissioner Elaine Poe, for the turmoil in our city. Whoever composed the flyer didn’t even have the courage to take responsibility and put their name on the flyer.

Our City is in turmoil… but Elaine Poe is NOT the cause of turmoil in our City.

Any turmoil ...

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Viewpoints: To City Manager Crawford

Buy Now, Pay Later?


Letter in Rebuttal to Mr. Crawford regarding Mr. M. Merrill


Keyboard Courage

….no wonder…  

Who wants to face the City Manager who bullies and threatens residents who have opposing opinions or an opinion not complimentary to the city plans.  

Who wants to be the victim of that backdraft? 

Thumb pressing down little stick person.

Even when it is fair ...

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CM’s Censure & Expulsion Harden Line Taken By MB Commission

The City Manager’s News Is Out

The “Tampa Bay Times” and “Beach Beacon” have each now published an article about Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford’s censure and expulsion from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).  


Nearly as interesting and important to residents – now that the ‘shock and awe’ have died down – is that our Mayor and City Commissioners are so far off base in their thinking about the City ...

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