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Did You Hear the One About the Sunshine Violations?

Sunshine Violations for Palladeno, Lister, Hodges

Well, Madeira Beach officials seem to be trivializing this legal action, too, but we think it is not a joke!
This is the third lawsuit we have filed against the City of Madeira Beach.  It is about the way in which the selection of the Interim Commissioner was done.

  • The reason for the violation is that Florida statutes require all official acts to be taken only at meetings open to the public.  

    From the Florida Statutes:

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Viewpoint – No White Flag Here!


To our brothers and sisters in TI, the Redingtons and other beaches…
We repeat.  We are not against development – just the size of these projects.

Yes we do need refurbishing, updating, stylizing and improvement at the northern end of our little town, but we did not ask for Universal Studios!


I know this, because I attended most of the commission meetings. ...

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4th Action Against Madeira Beach Commissioners

Thursday, July 14th, New Lawsuit Filed against City

Residents are not giving up on stopping the massive developments that the current City Commission and City Manager support.


The lawsuit filed yesterday assures City Official and the City Manager that residents are NOT DONE YET, and we understand that another lawsuit is coming TODAY, July 15th!

The lawsuit filed yesterday CHALLENGES the rezoning of the Holiday Isles (Holton) and Town Center (Karns) projects, based ...

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Turn Up the Heat!

Signatures Count Too

If you are one of the over 1,000 citizens who signed the petitions, we feel city hall would like to hear from you.

At this time the petitions are still being denied by Attorney Trask, representing the city. They are hoping if they ignore us, we will go away!   




We followed all the rules – and then some – and worked countless hours.  We had many volunteers who had never ...

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7/12 Commissioner Mtgs, Agenda & More

City Commission Workshop & Regular Meeting 

The Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners apparently prepared agendas for two meetings this Tuesday.  Apparently the agendas were distributed to selected parties, but they have not been posted online as of Sunday, July 10.  They were posted online sometime Monday.  Links are below>

Click Here=>  MB—07-12-2016 BOC Regular Agenda   REGULAR AGENDA PACKET, Click Here => Regular Packet


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Analysis: Ordinance Changing Transportation Requirements

Ordinance 2016-08 – Transportation Element


ORDINANCE 2016-08 is a major re-write of the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan of Madeira Beach, which in conjunction with Ordinance 2016-07 repeals existing level-of-service measures and transportation concurrency requirements impacting schools and roads in Madeira Beach.


In 2011, the State of Florida enacted the Community Planning Act which among other changes, rescinded the requirement for communities to enforce transportation concurrency and its associated level of service standards for public ...

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Celebrating our United States

A Good Read: Life After SPB Development Challenges

A More Respectful Dialogue & Focus On SPB Needs


St. Pete Beach Mayor, Maria Lowe said, “A community is only as good as its members. It has been demonstrated to me time and time again…”  (Excerpt from the article below.)

A very interesting and encouraging story about St. Pete Beach getting refocused, setting priorities and moving in positive directions on development.

Click Here to Read =>mb-SPB Makes Peace, Paves Way for Progress

Article is from theIsland ...

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In the Press: Elected officials ignore voters

An editorial about the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners yet again ignoring the voices of residents and voters. From the “Tampa Bay Times“, by Ken Weiss:


More about the invalid vote by the Madeira Beach board of Commissioners, by Anne Lindberg, StPetesBlog.com: 

Activists’ attorney: Madeira Beach developments votes were invalid

And, ...

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Can the Developers Just Move Forward?

We Are Making Progress

The developers are NOT going to go forward.  Why, you ask, since the Commission voted 4-0 and 3-0?

Well, here is the reply given recently by Ken Weiss, our attorney. The question was,Can the developers just ignore the petition (as the city has) and move ahead?   

Attorney Ken Weiss’ reply:

  • No, the developers cannot maintain they acted in good faith when they have knowledge of the litigation.
  • No, the developers can’t win a lawsuit ...
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Letter to the Editor by Kenneth L. Weiss, Esq.

This letter has been submitted to the Tampa Bay Times for publication. We wanted to post it here as well just in case the editor decides not to publish this.


Re: Madeira Beach approves redevelopment despite objections from 1000

Once more elected official gave the voters a middle finger. This time it’s
the Madeira Beach commission that rejected a petition to schedule a
referendum to repeal a proposed zoning ordinance that permitted increased
height and density for two proposed developments. More ...

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