City Manager says they

BayNews 9 Duped by City-Developer Team!

They Used to Say We Are Anti-Development…
Now They Say We Lie

Until recently, when Bill Karns hired a media guy, Madeira Beach City Officials’ and the Developers’ official story was that about 25 oddballs opposing the proposed development were anti-development.

Now that a media guy is involved, the story is that we’re all liars.  So they need a platform for telling this, right… So where did they start?   Well, we aren’t sure, but we think they started with ...

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Residents not ‘buying’ beach development

Originally published for the Beach Beacon online May 31, 2016 in the printed edition on June 2, 2016.

Madeira Beach City Commission took action on May 10, as reported by Mr. Ayers, to allow rezoning for major developments spanning from the western end of the Tom Stuart Causeway to Gulf Boulevard.

The meeting seemed to be orchestrated to favor an approval for the rezoning. Green T-shirts labeled “Say Yes” were handed to attendees as they entered the building.

It is ...

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Today I wrote to Senator Bill Nelson

Today, I wrote to Senator Bill Nelson after reaching out to his office staff for direction. His office asked for a summary of the situation. 

The city of Madeira Beach is proposing, with two developers, two massive projects; two 11 story hotels, dozens of condos, 50,000 sq. ft. retail space, boat slips and dockmaster house on two small waterfront parcels. The CW Young VA facility sits about one mile east of the Tom Stuart drawbridge. These proposed projects are just across the ...

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What if a Liar

Blog Gives Facts about Residents’ Viewpoints

Finally Media Telling Both Sides

 “Stormy Controversy Over Development Engulfs Madeira Beach”, by Anne Lindberg discusses more key points about what has united residents of Madeira Beach than has any article in any newspaper in the area.  And, it’s on a “blog” site.

But what residents want is not of interest, it seems, to MB city officials.  They discount what residents say… calling residents liars and saying residents overstate things…  

  • It’s clear from the story that Vice-Mayor Shontz is not happy about residents opposing her! ...
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Complaint Department Sign

#1 – Ethics Complaints: Crawford, Shontz, DeSantis

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Madeira Beach City employees and an elected Commissioner were notified of ethics complaints investigations by the Florida Ethics Commission.

It is alleged that three Madeira Beach City officials are the subjects of ethics complaints:

  • City Manager Shane Crawford
  • Vice-Mayor Pat Shontz, and
  • Building Official Frank DeSantis.

Times Reports Ethics Complaint Notifications Against City Manager

According to Sheila Estrada, Tampa Bay Times, City Manager Shane Crawford confirmed that ethics complaints have been filed and are being investigated in the article: “Ethics complaint ...

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Cozy Condo

#2 Ethics Violation for Crawford

It is alleged that there is a second ethics violation against Shane Crawford, City Manager of Madeira Beach, filed with the Florida Ethics Commission.

A Pattern of Improper Relationships Alleged Against CM

The allegations in this case against Mr. Crawford, and possibly his executive assistant, Cheryl McCrady, are a pattern of improper relationships.

We have heard that it is alleged that these improper relationships involve the Landlord/Tenant relationship and the Developer/City Manager/Executive Assistant relationships.

We understand that it is ...

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#3 – Implications of Ethics Complaints on Madeira Beach

If these allegations against Mr. Crawford and the Building Official are true, we have a cause for real concern for ANY future development.  It makes one ask the question…

If a Project of 1 House Is Mismanaged, What Can We Expect on $180M Development ?

Could the the Board of Commissioners possibly believe that we have staff capable of competently managing $180 million developments if the allegations are true?  Would the:

  • building codes were complied ...
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Madeira Beach... Boats At Dock

Channel 10 Gives Free PR to Karns

From a MBU Member…

Today I was headed toward Publix via the Tom Stuart Causeway when I noticed our City Manager, Shane Crawford standing in front of a TV type camera with about three or four red shirted helpers.

  • I noticed a gentleman dressed in a white shirt and tie and thought he might be a news reporter from what was obviously a News Channel 10 van.
  • So I turned around, and drove my car to the place where the news event was being ...
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Steam Engine at Going Full Steam on track with black smoke

Petition Circulation at Full Steam

Residents of Our Authentic Coastal Town Are Collecting Signatures

One thing that experts in tourism will tell you, visitors value AUTHENTIC experiences…  And, that’s what local Madeira Beach residents are working to protect – the REAL MADEIRA BEACH.  Last weekend, we estimate that at least 250 signatures were collected… maybe more.  We don’t have an exact count, but we know that folks are out and working hard!

Don’t you wonder why our City Manager and Commission continue to ...

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