How We Got In A Pickle

How Overdevelopment Got Started

 Here’s a quick look at how the Madeira Beach City Commissioner changed things to allow massive developments.

1999 – 2007 City Develops New Comprehensive Area Plan

Long range planning, begun in 1999, produced the “Madeira Beach Master Plan”.

Work continued and in 2007 the City adopted a new Comprehensive Area Plan (CAP).

Goal #1 of the Comprehensive Plan was to:

“Ensure that the residential/family and beach community character of the City of ...

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May 10 Meeting – Summary & Next Steps

What Happened at the Meeting?

Well, if you were watching via computer, you missed the first half hour or so because the City Manager has STILL NOT focused resources on a decent broadcast of meetings!  During the Citizen’s Forum – which could not be heard at home – MB resident Sam Baker, said…“I’ll be brief. You know:

  • There are 2 local websites that oppose the two developments.
  • Two weeks ago, I heard there were 600 people signed up on one of them.
  • This morning, I heard that ...
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Website Slamming Elaine Poe

Offensive Approach to ‘Politics’

We are NOT the people who produced the offensive, negative website that calls for Commissioner Poe to resign.  The mission of Madeira Beach United, LLC (MBU) is focused on a positive approach to community concerns.


And, we strongly object to the attempt to malign her by posting a photo of a dear man, tragically killed recently in a motorcycle accident.  Those of us who live in Madeira Beach and knew this man, knew him to be a ...

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Heard on the Beach

Lawsuits with a Purpose

Lawsuit over for $1.96… Interesting, but read on

Well this may a ‘Believe It or Not’ type of story…   But it’s for real and is a good read!

We’re not sure who sent us the article, but we know it wasn’t actually about the lawsuit for $1.96.  Read a little further…

They sent it to us because Mr. Bill Karns –  who has proposed the Madeira Beach City Center over-development – was ...

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Residents of Madeira Beach

Vote Delayed on Holton Project

Vote Rescheduled for May 10

Late morning, MB city officials decided to put off the vote on the Holton project off, until the Commission’s next meeting – May 10th! 

Why did the meeting get delayed?

Well, the city attorney, Mr. Trask, said indirectly that the city was not sure if it had properly notified us (the public) about the meeting.  If they did not do it properly – and approved the rezoning and PD – the vote might be legally challenged!  

The Room Was Filled

Despite the fact that ...

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Image of colorful balloons and the word celebrate.

MBU Achieves Success!


Madeira Beach United, LLC, formed “by the people, for the people” is making a difference already!

We were were working together with folks in the neighborhoods and condos of MB to address the sad situation with our city government – even before we made ‘legal’ the name of our group!

So far, we collaborated on two objectives — and have achieve success on both!  



Getting out the information about the ...

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Shane Crawford (Pictured) says he

Madeira Beach Residents Sue City

Residents Have Asked Themselves… Do We Want To

Live with canyons of concrete and massive traffic jams, as in Clearwater Beach?  Nope!

Residents have united and hired attorneys Ken Weiss & Tim Weber, who have successfully stopped two other beach communities who were on a path to permitting massive, tall buildings in their beach communities.

Be cut us out of decision making?  Nope!

Residents delivered an overwhelming NO vote on March 15th, ...

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High intensity construction that Madeira Beach officials want.. and Clearwater is now regretting!

Urgent! Contribute to Stop Developments!

YOU can make a difference! 

Donate Now

  • As of today we still need $$ donations to go ahead with planned legal action.
  • Without the litigation these projects will be on the fast track – and we will NEVER get our city back.

It appears that Big Money Developers have identified Madeira Beach  as the place to build and profit from  unfettered development in a way that they cannot any where else  in Pinellas County — now that Clearwater ...

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Hands Across Madeira Beach - Residents Together

It Is Our City!

Government For and By the People

Join Us!  This is a website by and for the people… of Madeira Beach who want:

— the best quality of life possible for Madeira Beach and

to preserve the relaxed, comfortable village feel that drew us to our beloved city

to avoid the overdevelopment that has overtaken other cities in our area

— to get back our city and stop ...

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