City Hall Closes for Colin

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A Full Service City?

How can it be that a city such as Madeira Beach, which touts itself as a FULL-SERVICE city is closed on Monday, June 6 – as tropical storm Colin moved into our vicinity… to come inland 100 miles or so north?  

The Mayor proudly & loudly proclaims that Madeira Beach is a full-service city.  But, we may have had the ONLY city hall that closed in the state of Florida.  No other cities in our area were forced by power loss to close.

Florida is a state in which emergency preparedness is important.  And its importance is understood by anyone living here 10 years or more.  So why does it seem there was no thought about residents during this storm?  

Tropical Storm Colin

Tropical Storm Colin

Does the City HAVE an Emergency Plan?

But the city of Madeira Beach, apparently chose to spend $11 MILLION dollars on a city complex and decided NOT to get a generator so city offices could operate remain open to provide services for residents.  

Ok, there was a power outage.  But, if your contractor did not deliberately put you on two different services to try to stay make sure that you stayed operational all the time, then a generator is the next best idea!

And during Colin, the city gave:

  • All Rec center and back office staff the day off.  Happy holidays, guys!
  • No notice of any services for residents on the city website or local t-v stations.  So, who knew that the city was doing sand bags? 
  • No one answering the phone
  • No recording to say where a resident could go if the had to leave their home, so MB residents would not know that the county was providing services.

The City Manager did have a note put on the website on the day of the month – IF you thought to look at the calendar.  If you looked at the home page, where one would think Emergency Notices would go, you missed the information entirely!

Click on the right page and you would find this. Look at the Home Page and you'd miss the information.

Click on the right page and you would find this. Look at the Home Page and you’d miss the information entirely! 

Drowning Hand

When Residents Couldn’t Go Home?

So the many, many residents who could not get home because of flooding on 140th Ave, were fortunately able to go to the Gulf Beaches Library.  You know, the one across the street from City Hall.  

Yes, it seems that during Tropical Storm Colin the library closed at it’s regular time – 6 p.m. Yes, the Gulf Beaches Library sheltered over 180 people that day – people who could not get home.  Thank heavens for the library.  Thanks, Maggie!

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