City Manager Tries to “Hoodwink” the Voters!

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A recent e-mail from city manager Shane Crawford claims the reason for dismissal of the petition lawsuit against the City was that the plaintiff’s attorney had taken no action against the City’s Motion to Dismiss in November. That claim is totally untrue.

Here is the real truth, with evidence. What actually happened is: the office of the City’s attorney submitted a fraudulent Proposed Order to the judge on October 27 stating that he and the plaintiff’s attorney had negotiated and agreed to support dismissal of the case. This Motion misinformed and thus misled the judge, who dismissed the case (with “prejudice”). The plaintiff’s attorney had never seen the letter.

In January 2017, when the judge was presented with the actual facts, the case was reinstated. The motion to reinstate was submitted and signed by both the plaintiff’s attorney and the attorney for the City. The motion to reinstate was approved by the judge within three hours.  Please review with particular attention to numbers 3, 4, and 7.

These attachments show how the City Manager tried to mislead you.  There is nothing whatsoever truthful in the tale he created.

Maybe it is time to clean house and bring truth back into our City government.