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What Are Residents Saying?

Well there are so many comments… it’s hard to know where to start.  Here’s a sampling of what residents are saying…

 Do Not “Clearwater-ize” Madeira Beach!

  • “I drive my kids to the Fundamental School.  Traffic is already bad.
    What will it be like with 600 hotel rooms and 150 condos jammed on the causeway?”
  • “I love the small-town residential aspects of Madeira Beach.
    And, I loathe the idea of becoming a hotel, T-shirt shop, and margarita bar hot spot.”
  •  “My husband complains about congestion on the causeway when he takes me to Bealls.
    I think we may need to move off the island if these massive projects are approved.”
  • “I can’t wait for spring break with the 700 no-tell, transient hotel rooms jammed with 4, 6, 8 college kids.
    • The City Shack on the beach could run some great wet T-shirt contests.
    • And just think about the speedos and string bikinis!
  • “Some of my favorite things about Madeira Beach will disappear, like…

    — Walking to the beach on quiet streets
    — Finding a parking spot at the beach
    — Getting to Publix without fighting cross-traffic on 150th Avenue.”

Next Madeira Beach Traffic Accidents?

Can’t wait for this to come to Madeira Beach…  Ha-ha?  

About City Officials & Commissions

  • “The architect for the 6-building Holiday Isle Marina said that the project uses only 42% of what could be build on the 4 acre site!  He said they could build buildings to over 25 stories with as many as 120 condos and hotel rooms.  Is this what the City wants to shove down our throats?”
  •  “The Mayor and City Manager have said that the city needs to allow developers tall buildings with lots of rooms, so the projects are profitable.

—  What about the residents who ARE the city?

— We don’t oppose development, we just do NOT want to be like Clearwater!

  • “The developer for Holiday Isle Marina hired a consultant to analyze affect and how his project will affect city traffic.
    Image of crossed guns with words: Hired Guns, LLC

    Experts in Action?

— The consultant hired by the developer collected data for 2 hours in September!

— The so-called expert failed to notice the most significant feature affecting causeway trafficthe draw bridge that opens randomly for several minutes.

— Residents know bridge openings routinely back up traffic back in both directions  – even off season!
Why would a ‘hired expert’ miss something this important?
Possibly his expertise was along another line?  Just saying… It’s a big thing to miss!

More from Madeira Beach residents…

  • “Why did the Planning Board have no questions for the developers —  about traffic, parking, pedestrian safety, the huge number of hotel transients…  or spring-breakers partying into the night that these projects will dump onto the city streets and the beaches?”
  • “I live in Mad Beach Yacht Club.

— If the Karns project is approved and Madeira Way is closed to east bound traffic me and my 200 plus neighbors will need to go through 2 traffic lights on Gulf Boulevard in order to travel east on 150th Avenue to reach Publix, Walmart, Tyrone Plaza.

What a hassle.  Who is thinking about the current resident of Maderia Beach?

  • It’s time for the City Commission to stand up to these outlandish developers tryhing to hijack our City.”
  • “City Officials  – the Mayor, Commissioners, Planning Board Members, and any employees – who stand to benefit from projects have a “conflict of interest” — and they need to recuse themselves from any and all proceeding involving development projects.”

Join Us!  Help Stop this Now!

Send Checks payable to:
Crabb & Wein Escrow Account
Note for: Madeira Beach United Citizens
Mail to: Weber, 
Crabb & Wein
5999 Central Avenue, Suite 203
PetersburgFL 33710

Credit Card charges can only be made to the Weber Crabb & Wein Trust Fund via phone. Call  727.828.9919.  Tell them is is for the MadeiraBeachUnited.com – Litigation Support Fund.