How Overdevelopment Got Started

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 Here’s a quick look at how the Madeira Beach City Commissioner changed things to allow massive developments.

1999 – 2007 City Develops New Comprehensive Area Plan

Long range planning, begun in 1999, produced the “Madeira Beach Master Plan”.

Work continued and in 2007 the City adopted a new Comprehensive Area Plan (CAP).

Goal #1 of the Comprehensive Plan was to:

“Ensure that the residential/family and beach community character of the City of Madeira Beach is maintained and protected.”

2009 – The Stage Is Set – Special Area Plan

In 2009, the Town Center Special Area Plan (SAP) was adopted.

Written in plain language, the SAP defined modest zoning for the areas now proposed for the Holton and Karns maxi-developments.

The SAP encompassed the area along Gulf Boulevard from 155th to 147th Avenue, Madeira Way and 150th Avenue to the Welch Causeway bridge and the City property areas.

The bomb is in place in 2014.

The bomb is in place in 2014.

2014 – The Bomb! aka ‘Plan Revisions’

The SAP required that, 5 years after approval, the Plan would be reviewed for currency.

This is when things began to get murky.

Emphasis was now shifted to “recognition of tourism and tourist-related facilities to the economy of the community”.

In 2014, the City Commission approved three ordinances (2014-7, 8 & 9).

These new ordinances altered the CAP by, among other things, adding a new zone called Planned Development (PD).

PD permits unlimited development, defined only by a development agreement
and by County and the State regulations.  (But many regulations were waived for Madiera Beach.)

  1. Public advertisements of these ordinances were inadequate and misleading.
  2. Plus the city reduced access to information about the work that the Board of Commissioners was working on.  (See Why Didn’t We Know page on this website for more about this.)

These actions resulted in minimizing citizen input about the plan. It is the inadequate and misleading notification that is the subject of the lawsuit filed 4/06/2016 by our attorneys and is now in litigation.

Thanks to Sam Baker for writing this brief overview.