It Is Our City!

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Government For and By the People

Join Us!  This is a website by and for the people… of Madeira Beach who want:

— the best quality of life possible for Madeira Beach and

to preserve the relaxed, comfortable village feel that drew us to our beloved city

to avoid the overdevelopment that has overtaken other cities in our area

— to get back our city and stop the over-spending that has/is putting us in debt!

Logo, City of Madeira Beach, Fl

Logo, City of Madeira Beach, Fl

How You Can Help 

First things first.  We’ve got to stop the overdevelopment now!  If you are concerned about huge, tall buildings, intense development that may overtake our community, or…

  • A recent referendum written to mislead the voter
  • Government officials thinking they know best
  • Officials and city employees who think that we are not important
  • The spending and debt created by our current City Employees and Commissioners, the increases in taxes and fees, and lack of transparency in city finances, you should:

Join Us!

Join Us!  Contribute!!!

  • City Employees, City Officials & ‘big money’ are moving ahead quickly and we must move quickly, too!
  • To stop these combined forces now, we have hired attorneys Ken Weiss and his associate, Tim Weber.  This team has been successful in fighting ‘City Hall’ in both St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island.
  • To stop the exploitation of our city,  we need to raise $10,000.  


More Ways to Help

  • Contact elected officials – and tell them what you think
  • Ask others to contribute!
  • Give your time to help us.  We need you, too.  Remember, it is out city.
  • Attend city meetings… run for office… help elect only those who listen to residents… and
  • Send us your thoughts so we can include them in this website.

For More Information about what is happening, click here:  MadBeachParadise Website

Together We Are Strong

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