Lawsuits with a Purpose

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Lawsuit over for $1.96… Interesting, but read on

Well this may a ‘Believe It or Not’ type of story…   But it’s for real and is a good read!

We’re not sure who sent us the article, but we know it wasn’t actually about the lawsuit for $1.96.  Read a little further…

They sent it to us because Mr. Bill Karns –  who has proposed the Madeira Beach City Center over-development – was in charge of the Corey Landing Development project (St. Pete Beach.)  Turns out he sued other business associates and was sued himself.  (Article has items contested in court.)

Might this kind of history offer a lesson for Madeira Beaches city center land owners and the investors?
YES, is the answer.  Here’s a bit more to this story…  in the article in the next section.  Read on… 

Sue to Stop Over-Development?  

So Mr. Karns and his associates planned to use four (4) acres of land in St. Pete Beach and construct a hotel with 200 rooms, add 60,000 sq feet of retail space, plus a 200 space dry boat storage facility and 136 slip marina!  But residents sued the city of St. Pete Beach to block the comprehensive plan as they didn’t want this type of intense development. 

Very familiar.

The developers went into bankruptcy in 2008.  Too bad they didn’t consider reasonable development, such as the Courtyard Marriott, built here in Madeira Beach in 2014.  

No one opposed or sued over the Courtyard Marriott, as it is a reasonable use of the land, doesn’t create traffic jams or strain city infrastructure.

Marriot Courtyard built in 2014 does not over-stress infrastructure or create massive traffic problems.

MB Marriot Courtyard built in 2014 does not over-stress MB’s infrastructure, add excessive traffic, nor overwhelm the sense of village here.  And, it seems that Marriott likes our little city, too.