Madeira Beach Residents Sue City

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Residents Have Asked Themselves… Do We Want To

Live with canyons of concrete and massive traffic jams, as in Clearwater Beach?  Nope!

Residents have united and hired attorneys Ken Weiss & Tim Weber, who have successfully stopped two other beach communities who were on a path to permitting massive, tall buildings in their beach communities.

Be cut us out of decision making?  Nope!

Residents delivered an overwhelming NO vote on March 15th, to the City Manager and City Commission’s plan to cut residents out of decision making about city lands.

So, we are going in the right direction to put the city back into residents’ hands!

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Read Sheila Mullane Estrada, Times Correspondent’s, article in today’s paper.  Click Here for Sheila’s Story

Residents of Madeira Beach have underlined their thoughts about the City Commission ignoring them!

Residents are not and were not ‘asleep at the wheel’ as the City Manager and Commissioners seemed to think.  

What they have done is to narrow access for us to in a number of ways… such as

  • Recordings of city meetings, despite a new ‘state of the art’ system, are poor quality, often broken up, missing key segments, posted under the wrong date, or have missing or inaudible sound.  (Check out the recording for the April 6th ‘Love’ meeting.)
    Why, after spending so much money for our new city complex, can we not get a faithful recording of meetings with adequate sound?
  • Notice for city meetings has gone from 7 days to 24 hours.
  • They (the city)  stopped posting city Commission agendas in convenient (to resident) locations throughout the city.
  • They stopped broadcasting on the local t-v station which was absolutely free to the city.
  • And, a while back (a couple of years ago) Commissioner Shontz suggested discontinuing the broadcasts of meetings entirely! 
Image of Madeira Beach City Officials - new city hall.

Madeira Beach City Officials go for new city hall.