May 10 Meeting – Summary & Next Steps

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What Happened at the Meeting?

Well, if you were watching via computer, you missed the first half hour or so because the City Manager has STILL NOT focused resources on a decent broadcast of meetings!  During the Citizen’s Forum – which could not be heard at home – MB resident Sam Baker, said…“I’ll be brief. You know:

  • There are 2 local websites that oppose the two developments.
  • Two weeks ago, I heard there were 600 people signed up on one of them.
  • This morning, I heard that there are now 1,066 signed.
  • And the list is growing.

The Bottom Line

As you might have guessed, the Commissioners voted to approve:

Rezoning (1st reading) of the City Center to Planned Development.  The Vote was 3 to 1, with Commissioner Poe voting NO.  V-M  Shontz recused herself from the vote as she owns part of the land for this development.

Rezoning and the Development Agreement (2nd reading) of the Holton property.  The Vote was 4 to 1, with Commissioner Poe voting NO

Mr. Holton and Mr. Karns were seen skipping out of the building.   (Just kidding!!!)

What This Meeting Means to Us? Our Next Steps…

Next Steps

Next Steps

  1. Soon you will be asked to sign a petition that, when completed, will reverse the vote of the Commission. It is perfectly legal for voters, with sufficient signatures, to reverse Ordinances passed by the city Commission.
  1. Remove/replace Commissioners with people who represent the residents and are not owned by developers.


There were a few stars asking Commissioners to vote NO!

There were a few Stars asking Commissioners to vote NO!

Several folks spoke out at the meeting, during the Citizen’s Forum and Public Comment sections of the meeting — despite all the speeches by the buddies called in from other communities…

Sam Baker, as mentioned, let the city know that our group has many members now and is growing.

And, Madeira Beach’s Gaye Princ asked a very important question:

“What does it mean when the City Manager is so invested in getting a development approved that he calls his buddies to come to testify?”

Commission Meeting after break.

Commission Meeting after break.

More on the Meeting?

Again, the mayor and commissioners again showed their distain for the residents of our city at this May 10th meeting.  The City Manager and Mayor brought in their buddies and the project supporters who stand to gain financially from the over development of 150th.

They claim that the support from buddies and business partners is a counterweight to Madeira Beach residents!  Well, they are lovely folks, but these 6 speakers do NOT live here any day of the week!  MYOB folks!

  1. Mark Hubbard lives in St. Petersburg
  2. Steve Westfall lives in St. Petersburg
  3. Jeff Beggins lives in Redington Shores
  4. Robin Sollie lives in St. Pete Beach
  5. Heide Goldberg lives in Redington Shores
  6. Richard Scheufler lives in Treasure Island and is a business partner of Mr. Karns.
Green Shirts Called In from Treasure Island & Elsewhere

Green Shirts Called In from Treasure Island & Elsewhere

So What’s Up with the Green Shirts?

We don’t know who paid for them, but can guess… But we were told by a Beggins Sales Agent that they were given out by the company and Agents were told to wear them to the Madeira Beach planning and Commission meetings. Of course, there were extras for people like Richard Scheufler, Steve Westfall, Robin Sollie and other buds!

And Mr. Lipa?

He has:

  • Been working with City Manager and the developers to improve safer exiting for residents of the 150th Ave condominiums.
  • Thrown in the towel as far as stopping the developers. (We can’t all agree on everything!)

We commend his focus on safety, but we want to reduce the total number of cars so that the problem is much smaller — and we will do it.

And, when a smaller development is approved, we hope he commends us and will lead us as one of the ‘experts’ in better traffic on 150th Ave.

Mr. Lipa came prepared.

Mr. Lipa came prepared.