Petition Circulation at Full Steam

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Residents of Our Authentic Coastal Town Are Collecting Signatures

One thing that experts in tourism will tell you, visitors value AUTHENTIC experiences…  And, that’s what local Madeira Beach residents are working to protect – the REAL MADEIRA BEACH.  Last weekend, we estimate that at least 250 signatures were collected… maybe more.  We don’t have an exact count, but we know that folks are out and working hard!

Don’t you wonder why our City Manager and Commission continue to view our community as a ‘dumpy’ little town (to quote CM Crawford.  These folks would probably say that Paris is an old city and in need of more high rise building.  But, if you go to Paris, do you want to see the Eiffel Tower or the La De’fense  (the high rise, business neighborhood) complex?   Of course. You go to the REAL parts of Paris… that which is the heart of its people and history.

Photo of Eiffel Tower

Visitors Look for Authentic Experiences When They Travel

Photo of La Defense, Paris

Few Visitors Choose LaDe’fense…







Residents Are Working to Protect Our Authentic Coastal Commmunity!

Residents and visitors love our little historical coastal fishing village… We want to focus and enhance authentic experiences for visitors and locals alike.  We do not want become a concrete urbanized ‘New York by the beach’ community!

BTW, many, many residents are delighted that coverage in the ‘Tampa Bay Times’ has (finally!) done a story that gave a look at the ‘people’s side of the story.   (Click link to read.)

And… Volunteers Are Still Needed to Complete Signature Collection Quickly

We have a number of folks working hard at collecting signatures on petitions to ensure that the PD is stopped.   We still can use volunteers in all districts.  So, if you can help, send an email today! (Click on link.)

Woman sitting on beach

Almost Every Visitor Chooses Our Beaches… Largely Uncrowded Except for Holidays