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The Twitter-feed cartoon, below, gets right to the heart of a series of questions that have surfaced in Madeira Beach about what’s going on here.

Twitter Feed by Step on Sandy Toes

Twitter Feed by Step on Sandy Toes (link below).

Questions – floating around the city for weeks – have come out.
Most unsettling, is the question of how close relationships with Developers impact decisions made by City Officials and the CM.

It’s a Question of Right and Wrong…

Madeira Beach City Manager Shane Crawford told Ms. Estrada of the Tampa Bay Times that

“The attorney told me that even if Bill (the developer) owned my condo, I was doing nothing wrong.”


Residents are being told that things which have been historically “out-of-bounds” are now ok.  

Question about:

  • right vs. wrong
  • ethical vs. unethical
  • legal vs. illegal
  • moral vs. immoral
  • corrupt vs honest.

Just Makes Us Wonder

How do you, Mr. Crawford, make a decision about these issues — when you don’t have a city-hired attorney or the current MB City Commission around to give you the answer?  

How to decide? Flip a Coin?

How to decide? Flip a Coin?








Twitter Feed tells the story… https://mobile.twitter.com/StepOnSandyToes/status/722102369836777473/photo/1