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This View Point article was written by a resident who has heard numerous questionable and/or offensive remarks — and decided to respond.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, MB Neighbor!

From Nextdoor Madeira

A local real estate business man, Jim Beggins, recently said  “Opposition is mostly from the “not in my back yarders” who may be losing a view that they did not pay for, regardless to how it hurts the income of our 2 local developers.  

Dissenters show up at meetings while supporters tend to stay home.”

Not Even Close

Not Even Close

  • Not even close.  NO ONE anywhere has yet to say NO to development or “not in my back yard”.  Quite the opposite!  
  • What the citizens want is responsible development like we thought we had with the original Special Area Plan.  Listen to the people.  The majority of folks speaking against the high rise developments at the meetings are not anywhere near 150th.  They are residents from all over the city.
  • And seriously folks, this is NOT about the developer’s income!
    They are making plenty of money already and will continue to do so. Guaranteed that they are all making much more money than the average Madeira Beach citizen – with or without this development!
  •  And lastly, “Dissenters show up at meetings while supporters tend to stay home.” Seriously?  I wouldn’t call them supporters if they are home sitting on their behinds instead of voicing their opinions at City Meetings!  Ya know?

From Fox 13 New

In a report by Steve Nichols, City Manager Shane Crawford said “I can’t even go to Walgreens and get my prescription filled without having a debate in line… I just took my prescription and walked out.” 

Yes, that's correct.

Yes, that’s correct.

  • If residents are debating the proposed development in the line at Walgreens, maybe Mr. Crawford should get a clue that the majority are against the development projects as currently proposed. 


From SPB (SaintPetersBlog) by the Infamous Peter Schorsch

He claims we could have a Bass Pro Shop, a Walmart, a high and dry boat storage or adult entertainment!

  • Not Even Close

    Not Even Close

    Peter, already infamous, is quoting Shane Crawford – also a legend in his own time.  You remember, Shane is the man who made our beloved Madeira Beach “the first Bitcoin Beach in the world”!  He’s cutting edge all right!  

  • But, the quote in this blog was part of the scare tactics that Shane brought up when concerns were first voiced about these urban development in the beach area.
  • So, Mr. Schorsch, since you are parroting remarks given you by the City Manager, we should share with you some facts.  The land isn’t big enough for a big chain store, and there are Walmart and Target nearby.  Now that high and dry with amenities … that might be nice.   MB-M-iffy
  • But, just as the proposed Holiday Isle Marina, any of those projects you suggested, guys, will have ingress/egress problems due to the lot’s location by the bridge will always be a challenge.  


From Channel 9 Interview

Jim Durda said that “they’re against the whole project”.


From Nextdoor Madeira

Jim Everett, a Planning Commissioner, said to a part-year resident on the social website, Nextdoor,  MB-M-better than you

  •  “I am getting really tired of those who are not Madeira Beach residents portraying themselves as such”.
  • AND “You snowbirds have the ability to sell your condos and move somewhere else, I don’t.”
  • AND “I doubt that you have ever experienced a single hurricane season.” 
    Not Even Close

    Not Even Close

  • AND “Most of you are retired…don’t go to Publix at 8 in the morning.”
  • AND “Please stop trying to influence what happens in the town where I live.”
  • AND “ I suspect many of the naysayers to these developments also opposed the new Madeira Beach Town Centre.”

Well, in case you are unaware, Mr. Everett, our part year residents:

    • Pay taxes and that qualifies them to have as much a right to speak up as any one!!!
      They don’t get the homestead exemption that you do, so they pay more than you do and use less services.
    • DO NOT have any more ability to sell their condos and move somewhere else as you do!
      What makes you the judge of anyone’s financial situation!!!!!!!!
    • Have, in many cases, been here through a hurricane.
    • Mr. Everett, please don’t assume that retired people only go to Publix at 8 in the morning!
Senior couple walking on the beach.

Seniors suffer from stereotypes, just like realtors. Seniors don’t all go to Publix at 8 a.m And not all realtors are just out for themselves.

    • Retired people have commitments and responsibilities and are not all at Publix at 8 am. 
    • And, retired people tend to be active participants in a community and give time to the community.  If there are issues, they may get involved, seeking solutions for all.  
    • And as property owners whether we’re here 1 day or 300 days a year, it is OUR TOWN too!