Viewpoint – No White Flag Here!

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To our brothers and sisters in TI, the Redingtons and other beaches…
We repeat.  We are not against development – just the size of these projects.

Yes we do need refurbishing, updating, stylizing and improvement at the northern end of our little town, but we did not ask for Universal Studios!

Man with fingers in his ears.

Listening to residents?  Not yet.


I know this, because I attended most of the commission meetings.   Interestingly there were large numbers of Treasure Island, the Redingtons, and St. Pete Beach folks there.  One Treasure Island resident (and business associate of Mr. Karns) stood up at our BOC meeting and said, “We in Treasure Island are jealous of you Madeira Beach because you are getting these hotels and we are not.”

Sir, Take Them – the Developments – With You When You Go Home!

We were shown the plans, told of the tear down of the Madeira Way shops and restaurants and more.   And while we objected — asking for more research, it was voted in before our eyes!

It Was Voted in Before our Eyes!

The Madeira Beach proposed development was delivered like a Trojan Horse. The details of the project were disguised or purposely left out. And there is such an urgency to the passing of the agenda that it creates a sense of mistrust, in the same way that the illegal referendum that we defeated last March 15th created mistrust.

Without concern to the implied “purpose” of the petition, the city passed the zoning change to allow the massive development, though invalid.


We might have read the early warning flags, but Shame Crawford and the Mayor and Commissioners restricted the information flow that it would have been nearly impossible to have seen them! Who would have known they were working on this for FOUR years?

The City Hoisted the Red Flag

Our city leaders literally did not respect our objections. We were threatened by the City Manager – the one with multiple ethics complaints (we heard were) filed against him – with “be careful what you wish for.  We can give you Bass World or Adult Entertainment.”

The 1000 plus good citizens of MB eagerly signed a petition to prevent the passing of the zoning change…. but the City, the Mayor and the City Attorney nit-picked the “process” and has denied the petition.  They legally do NOT get to do that… but to insist will cost those who signed more than their signature…

Resident writing a check to stop city officials.

While residents know the city is using resident’s tax dollars, they are willing to donate to stop these massive developments.

Residents Are Voluntarily Contributing the Green Stuff..

Residents have chosen VOLUNTARILY  to pay for Lawsuits to: 1) Enforce the city charter — supporting the more than 1,000 residents signed the petition, who are supported by thousands among nearby beach communities and 2) Stop the developments.

The proposed developments will NOT go forward.


Eco green flag.

Residents want our beautiful natural environment to last.

Residents Want a Green Flag for the Future

As I see it, we on the beaches are all in this. It is “all” of our business.  We all have to use the bridges and travel up and down Gulf Blvd.

Moreover we cannot forget our largest common “all-in” concern, our environment. The impact of massive projects — to our air, water, and ecosystem — by virtue of their size and use is enormous.

Where was the thought and planning for these projects?  Who benefits?   Can beach city officials ignore once again the impact on our fragile coastal towns?

So, as much as we hate to think about it, the environment still teeters on the edge of another lethal blow – from men who think they know better.  

We must stop all this building, paving, traffic, power usage and sewage into the bay.  It cannot be and will not be beneficial for our beautiful and irreplaceable coastal towns.  May God have mercy us!

This article was written by a Madeira Beach resident, who loves the city.  We wanted to share this viewpoint with you.