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The Cost of Proposed Developments to Residents Is Astonishing!

Last night as I was listening to Mr. John Lipa present information about what the residents of Madeira Beach in the condominiums on 150th Avenue were willing to GIVE UP, in order to accommodate the proposed developments, I freaked out!  

Stop Expecting SignI mean, when did we, Americans, quit thinking that We the People do not matter?  While I do get it… that John and his folks are panicky about the situation… We just cannot let the Commissioners destroy the relaxed, laid-back community that we enjoy and love.   And, yes, we all still agree that we need some sort of development, but we should not settle for this!

What Are They Thinking?

Seriously, that the Madeira Beach Board of Commissioners would approve projects that would cost these residents so much worry as to be willing to forgo their tennis court, possibly a pool (?) and beautiful, award-winning landscaping… it made me feel sick!

And the cost is NOT JUST to these residents.  It is to ALL MADEIRA BEACH residents!

  • The Holton development CANNOT GO FORWARD without a road that starts nearer to 150th Ave that his property allows — and Mr. Holton does NOT OWN any land that meets the requirement.  So he gets our land for FREE.
  • So we can just imagine the City Manager saying… “Why don’t we just let him use the city land so he can build his intense/high density properties and make his fortune?  And, we’ll get taxes, too!. ”  Yes, NO LEASE, NOTHING!
  • And we can imagine Mr. Crawford also saying, “Why don’t we build him a road and we can take care of it FOREVER so his grandchildren can be independently wealthy?”
  • Plus he might have said… “And we can pretend that he’s paying for the road with fees, which we do not collect if we write the ordinance correctly… because we are such a crummy little community that no one (other than those idiots at Marriott*) will invest here!”

And, for Mr. Karns, we can change the traffic flow – take out the light, or make it right turn only – to give him better land use.  I mean, there are only a few hundred people in those condos on 150th Ave, and most of those folks don’t vote, so they shouldn’t be a problem! Right?

Time for a Reality Check Folks!

Let’s Do a Reality Check Folks!


Six more reasons why we should NOT go forward with the proposed developments:

  1. These developments will take from residents hours, days, weeks and more ultimately –  waiting for accidents to clear up.  Because “road rage” will grow as the frustration of limited access grows.
  2. And to those who think that these hotels will make us rich…
    Once people experience the horrific traffic jams, it will be like Clearwater Beach.  Been there – done that.  Not going back!
    So the dollar signs in the Commissioners’ eyes are just pure fantasy.  
    Living in a beach town does not make one an expert on tourism… And there is something to know!
    Even David Downing, the Executive Director of the local Convention Visitor Bureau says we should do more with less (and these buildings are NOT less)…
    There is no need to overtax the county’s infrastructure.
  3. The ability to respond to individuals whose life depends upon immediate medical attention will drop and people will literally die because of these developments.
  4. The city will have problems when evacuations are required.  These are problematic in Florida at best, but having the problem start at our front door would be new and completely undesirable.
  5. The city’s ‘mutual aid’ agreements with Seminole and other area communities will falter – because if the Fire truck can’t get across the bridge, little help we are.
  6. The impact to our fragile environment.  Don’t even get me started on this one!

So Please Commissioners, Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid!

Opinion Piece

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