Viewpoints – Safety First?

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Opinion Piece 

This is an opinion piece – a bit like an editorial.  It was sent by a resident.  He said that he was stunned with the presentation made during the planning meeting about a traffic light on 150th Ave. in the name of safety, and asked us to share it with you.   

Dear Fellow Residents of Madeira Beach,

I watched the Planning Committee meeting and presentation by Mr. L. and was stunned.

Yes, safety is important.  No one will disagree with that.  What did not make sense in his presentation, was that he was working out details with Mr. Karns and the city on a very bad deal.  As if these developments are a done deal!

And, it’s puzzling he presented his negotiations, when the underlying problem of 13,000 cars a day IS THE FUNDAMENTAL problem — and was not even addressed by him.

Making a list of ways to mitigate risk is a second-order solution. The 1st order solution would be to stop the problem in the first place by taking action.

Making a list of ways to mitigate risk is a                            2nd-order solution. The 1st-order solution would be to STOP the problem by taking action!

It’s as if a woman who was a victim of a violent attack in her home, sees someone sneaking around outside her house.

So, she gets her tablet out and starts writing down the things she doesn’t want this attacker to do to her, in the name of safety.  After all, if she negotiates with him, maybe her injuries will be less traumatic?

Now me –  I am thinking – why doesn’t she call 911, lock all doors and windows and get a weapon?  Why doesn’t she just stop this? (And, I am not actually saying that we should stop all development… just this level that overwhelms and changes forever our little city.)

We must stop these ENORMOUS developments.  It is that simple.

When we get reasonable development plans, representatives of “we the people” can work together on safety together.

A Long Time Resident. 

Sign that says Stop is Good Progress.

If we can stop the massive developments, we have made progress. First stop, then go forward on negotiating.