Vote Delayed on Holton Project

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Vote Rescheduled for May 10

Late morning, MB city officials decided to put off the vote on the Holton project off, until the Commission’s next meeting – May 10th! 

Why did the meeting get delayed?

Well, the city attorney, Mr. Trask, said indirectly that the city was not sure if it had properly notified us (the public) about the meeting.  If they did not do it properly – and approved the rezoning and PD – the vote might be legally challenged!  

Joe Martin brings out good points again. Are the Commissioners listening?

Joe Martin brings out good points again.                        Are the Commissioners listening?

The Room Was Filled

Despite the fact that residents knew the vote was delayed, they took the chance to speak to city officials and their neighbors. 

Sheila Mullane Estrada wrote about this emotion-filled meeting. Here’s her story…

What about the Lawsuit?

This is the second public meeting since the lawsuit was filed – and not a word has been uttered. Interestingly, no one asked city officials about the lawsuit, filed to set aside the 2014 Comprehensive Plan that encouraged this over-development.  Maybe they will break the silence soon?

Image of woman speaking and telling commissioners she is not happy!

A suggestion that it’s conceivable that ‘Indians’ might throw oranges & coconuts off a ship into the sea at Madeira Beach, to get Commissioners to listen!

A Variety of Ideas Were Shared

It is clear by the spirited remarks at the meeting, that the proposed developments have brought out very strong feelings from residents.  

  • Many residents at these meetings say that they chose Madeira Beach over other communities.
    And, they do not want to see the city morphed into a Clearwater Beach type of traffic and downtown environment.
  • At least one speaker wondered if the vote being delayed was favorable to the city, because snowbirds would likely be gone by May.
  •  And, a few speakers injected humor into their remarks. For example, Ms. Princ suggested that there could be oranges and coconuts in the sea at Madeira Beach  – instead of tea (as in Boston).  She’s making her point in the photo above.

And, we are pretty sure that Ms. Princ does not mean that the sea will be filled with coconuts & oranges served Madeira Beach style!

Coconut cocktail with orange on swizzler.

Another (Tongue-in-Cheek) Suggestion

  • It’s unfair, Ms. Princ continued, to do rezoning for just two people/developers who don’t even live in town. She said that to balance things, she would like her property rezoned, too… So she can build a hotel. 
An orange with a funny face drawn on it.

A little humor for us all?

Woman speaking to City Commissioners

She would like her land rezoned… So she can build a hotel on it.

All humor aside, there were a lot of serious points made by residents.  And, while we can laugh about it, this subject is of utmost importance to those of us who live here.  

It is not a “dumpy town”, Mr. Crawford.  If you lived here, you would understand why we love it and don’t want it submerged in over-developments.

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