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Somewhat Massive in Size?

Statements by Madeira Beach City Manager, Shane Crawford in the latest issue of the “Madeira Wave”:

“These developments are somewhat massive in size, compared to what we have seen previously.”  

Hmmm… Ask yourself, what does “somewhat massive” mean?  Does it sound like ‘double speak’?  Well, here’s more that will puzzle you, too (from the same article)…

Illustration of result of doublespeaking.

Doublespeak can lead to a loss of credibility.

“You can rest assured that your elected and appointed officials will not approved something that will harm the way of life for our citizens or frankly approve something that  doesn’t fit what Madeira Beach is all about”.   

Ok… now ask yourself:

  • What does he mean, “…officials will not approved something that will harm the way of life for our citizens...

“Oh, you mean, like 12, 000 – 16,000 more car trips a day on 150th Avenue?

  • When Mr. Crawford says that nothing will be done that “doesn’t fit what Madeira Beach is all about.”  Do you suppose he knows what Madeira Beach is all about?

Ok, he did say the town was “dumpy”!  Maybe that’s what he thinks the town is all about?